Brita Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup

Brita Water Filter Pitcher, 5 Cup

I got this for 4.99 a few months ago. I miss the old woot from a few months ago


I got this 10-cup pitcher a while back for 7.99 because our existing vintage old-style Brita pitcher like this one:


is stained orange by our iron-rich well water. It is fine, it just doesn’t look particularly nice.

However, I found out the new style Brita pitchers are thinner plastic. The part that you fill with water feels a bit flimsy as if it will break easily. So we kept the old one in the fridge and are using the new one on the counter to fill our electric tea kettle with since it filters out the minerals and we will have to clean the kettle less often.

Didn’t achieve my intention but it works.

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