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Weak Woot!

The BV-210C is $59.99 with two-day shipping at newegg. (i.e. Same price but faster shipping.)

Lame, lame, lame.

Whoops, wrong price. It’s now $49.99. If you bought already, money will automatically come flying your way.

And @neil499, you could be a little nicer next time. :frowning:

I think the biggest thing keeping me from buying this straight-out is that I don’t know what the electrical zones are like in my apartment.

I actually got yelled at by my fiancee for using raceways and running cable properly (well, considering we can’t drill or put anything in the walls.

These would be a nice way to get power to a nasty little corner that can’t be wired.

Does anyone have experience with this?

By most accounts, Woot’s been going downhill since…well…you know. But I’m not a band wagoner, so I still come here to look for the deals. Today, I came her to find this contraption, scroll down to read the description and all I see is the usual, horrible, write-up that Woot employees think are so effin’ funny when they never are. So while I’m not an idiot and get the idea of what is pictured, I fully expect to read a description of what this does, model number, etc, etc. I looked around for it twice, so if it’s here somewhere, I can’t be the only one that’s overlooking it.

Yes. These work, to a degree. I’m currently wiring up a house with voip phones & PC’s using the Trendnet TPL-406e, which is essentially the same thing. Here’s some notes:

  1. if these are on the same circuit, they work better, but will work across circuts, albeit at a lower throughput. Honestly, you’ll probably never really hit that 200 mb mark, but you might come close.

  2. The manufacturer of the ones I’m using insists that you can’t use more than 8 total in an installation.

Other than those two caveats, they seem to work. Had a call about 1 going off-line, but I think that was the end user pulled the Ethernet cable out of the thing.

I just don’t see the deal here to be honest. I come to woot for “knock you off your socks” type deals that cause me to have impulse buys for stuff I really don’t need but for the price why the hell not? A $10 discount on crappy security cameras just doesn’t do it for me.

Oh well… maybe one day.

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