cant seem to find any thing on youtube about this. More info would be great

I suppose this only works with Brite-view ethernet over powerline adapters. I have a D-Link version:-(

I haven’t seen this brand before. I wonder how it performs vs. the ZyXel 500 Mbps offering.

I have the Brite-View HD AV wireless transmission kit - it’s perfect for sending the signal from the TV in my family room to a secondary TV in the kitchen. Love it, love it. Easy setup, easy to use, good signal. Highly recommended.

The FAQ on the brite-View website says,

*Can I operate my powerline device with a device from another manufacturer?

All brite-View powerline devices are complaint to the HomePlug standards, HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV. Other devices that conform to the same standard as your powerline adapter can also be operated together.*

Easiest set up I’ve ever done for my parents who would like to keep an eye on their pooch. Picture is surprisingly good for the cost of this product. I recommend for simple situations such as above.

Can anyone explain what it does and how it works? Thanks

I don’t have this brand of power line adapter but I do have one, basically plug one end which is connected to your router in the electrical outlet nearby. It will send the ethernet single over the power lines in the house, the other end you plug into an outlet where you want to have internet access and then plug your computer into it. As long as it is all on the same circuit the internet signal will go anywhere you have a power outlet. If you have a normal house with only 1 circuit breaker then everything is on the same circuit. Common places it wouldn’t work is if you had power to your home and another circuit breaker out in a detached garage (for example). You couldn’t plug one into the house and the other in the garage as they are on different circuits (in my example).

The transmission kit I own the exact one as posted here (bought it from a previous woot). Basically you plug whatever you want into the transmitter box (big one) and then plug your tv in to the smaller one and they send a wireless signal to each other so there are no cords between. I have all my components in a closet plugged into the big box and the little box plugged into my TV (outside the closet obviously - or what good would that be - yeah my tv is out of the closet). I have a RF remote with blasters in the closet to work the components and it is awesome. It did take awhile for me get it to how I needed it but once I did it was all good.

The camera’s well I don’t have and haven’t seen but assuming they work much like power line adapter but on the other end connects a camera.

Hope that helps

Thanks so much for your time and explanation. Helps a lot!

@archerman2000: Thanks for taking the time to explain the products. Have a quality post!

I get a fair number of audio dropouts. I wish there was a solution for that problem.