Briton Electric 18 Watt UV-A Bug Zapper

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Briton Electric 18 Watt UV-A Bug Zapper
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Love picture 3. Put the tea pitcher right below the bug zapper and add a little protein to your tea time.

All the cool kids at summer camp know that this is the best way to make Bug Juice! How could you not know that? LOL

Bug Juice
(sung to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”)

At the camp with the Boy/Girl Scouts,
They gave us a drink.
We thought it was kool-aid,
because it was pink.

But the thing that they told us,
would’ve grossed out a moose,
For that great tasting pink drink,
was really bug juice.

It looked fresh and fruity,
like tasty kool-aids,
But the bugs that were in it,
were murdered with Raid.

We drank it by gallons,
we drank it by tons,
And the next morning,
we all had the runs.

So the next time you drink bug juice,
and a fly drives you mad,
He’s just getting even,
'Cause you swallowed his Dad.

Can’t find reviews or specs anywhere. Like, does this have a power cord? None in the pics but the light is on. Batteries? Solar?

From the description:

It is powered by a connected power cord and is UL approved for the utmost safety.

looks like this on amazon:

Reviews seem bad.

The reviews are muy bad