Brix Chocolate Collection Set

$20.48 with prime

“4 individually wrapped 4 oz bars of each variety”? That makes it sound like 4 pounds of chocolate since there are 4 varieties. Squinting to see the box, it looks like it says 16 oz.
Which is it?

Looks like a very poorly written description. The Features tab says:

In the box:

(1) Brix Collection Variety Gift Set 16oz includes:

Milk Chocolate, 4oz.
Medium Dark Chocolate, 4oz.
Smooth Dark Chocolate, 4oz.
Extra Dark Chocolate, 4oz

Thanks, I let the team know. Hopefully they can clarify a little.

…and lower the price :tongue:

I pointed the price out a couple days ago and got a “thank you” back.

…and now lowered so yes, “thank you”. :slight_smile:

Any word on shipping?

Or are they still trying to figure out refunds to those of us who ordered before price drop?

22.99 - 39% off list price

And now unavailable! :wink:

Bueller? Bueller?

Still no movement!

Howdy Sparky. Plus events ship in about 5-7 business days. Give it a couple more days. Checking up on that price change. We weren’t told about it.

Any word on shipping yet?

Checking. I can see that shipping info was sent to FedEx on Monday.