Brix Chocolate Collection Set

Where is Cesare to do the links?

Brix Chocolate Collection Set
$14.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Chocolatey
PRODUCT: 1 Brix Chocolate Collection Set

Last offering: March 21, 2012




Probably getting some much needed sleep. I was about to do the same thing you did, but you were faster :wink:

Bought these last time and liked it. Saved one as a gift and plan on doing so again. The 4 bricks are each roughly the size of a deck of cards. Also do not refrigerate, they are very hard to cut if you do and tend to shatter into little slivers.

I can buy Lindt chocolate for less than that per pound and get what I want instead of an assortment that likely has some I don’t want… Sorry but this isn’t a good price… I just priced some Lindt and it worked out to $14 a pound… compare that to $14.99 plus $5 shipping for this and these are both comparable chocolates… Brix isn’t in the same class as a Valrhona chocolate and given that these are large chunchs it should be priced more in line with value packed chocolate for baking… Sorry woot but this isn’t a deal.

Yea, these woot offs are heck on my sleeping patterns. I’m afraid to go to bed for fear of missing something great! I’m looking for the Dusi Zin / Port and at the same time trying to stay away from any salted caramels.

I did get a case of the Hahn Cab Franc yesterday, so that makes everyone here happy!


WD, how will these be shipped?

On the east cost we may be having a short cool spell, but that won’t last and the brutal days of summer will be here in short order.

I can’t imagine melted Brix to be a welcome surprise upon opening the box.


No kidding… There are two or three items I’m hoping will pop up and every time I wake up, the first thing I do is check what I missed… WW should consider taking the overnight off!!! The main site takes their lunch break by putting up their t-shirts. I’m sure WD could come up with something creative to do here for the midnight to 6am time frame…

So you are saying that these should be price like baking chocolate because you don’t like their shape? These are specially designed chocolates designed to pair well with certain wines (a list of of which is provided with each chocolate). Can Lindt say the same thing? You are entitled to feel that there isn’t much value here, but your comparisons make no sense.

I believe that these should be shipping from Ohio, not from CA, so the commute will be much shorter. Not that high temperatures still couldn’t affect them, but this would only be in-transit for you for probably 2, maybe three days instead of a week.

Agreed, I missed the Sangiovese I was really looking out for.

When you taste it…you’ll s___ Brix.

Well, most food works like that actually.

Chocolate sure moves slow… I used to make the commute from NY to MI in 9 hrs… Maybe the Brix needs to lay off the wine, LOL.

Yes, baking chocolate is packaged in large chunks like this, for wine it would be more appropriate to have it packaged in wafers like Valrhona, having to cut off pieces is not chic its pretentious at best.

And yes actually if you want to compare the variety Lindt has 5 levels cacao in the dark variety compared to the 3 here that tops out at 70%, where as Lindt goes all the way to 99%.

My comparison might not make sense, but only because it is like comparing a wine cooler to champagne… Brix is not great chocolate its a small step above nestles but they are pricing it like a better chocolate and acting like it is a premium… It isn’t.

The fact that most of the buyers are from Arkansas, Idaho and West Virgina should tell you something about it right there.

mmmmmm, only $20 a lb.

Mother’s Day shopping… done!

Wow, talk about the pretentious pot calling the kettle black…

I’m going to buy this just to spite you. Does Colorado meet your standards?


Here’s a fact for you that you should sit back and digest while enjoying your non-Brix chocolate:

  • Those that live in every state, nay country, on this planet are HUMANS.

If you want to talk about pretentious, what makes you or the state you live in any better than any other human or state they live in? (That’s a rhetorical question, I don’t want to hear your answer!)

No Kidding I was on the ol computer at 4 am left coast time this morning, didn’t miss a thing.

After generation of incest I’m not sure if those folks are still human or not… Some of us live in states where sisters don’t marry brothers and indoor plumbing is considered a standard item not a luxury.