Brix Chocolate Collection Set

I started a chocolate collection once… but no matter how much more I bought, it always disappeared.

Brix Chocolate Collection Set
$19.99 (Normally $25.99) 23% off List Price
(1) Brix Collection Variety Gift Set 16oz includes:
Milk Chocolate, 4oz.
Medium Dark Chocolate, 4oz.
Smooth Dark Chocolate, 4oz.
Extra Dark Chocolate, 4oz.

Wow, so I’m not the only one! Do I hear “support group?”

Did I miss the expiration date?

If I buy this now, could it be given at christmas? any idea on packaging/shelf life, etc.?

Should be fine for x-mas. I still have some of this from at least 6 months ago that is still fine. The bars of chocolate are individually wrapped inside the box.