And thus, the age-old debate over how to pronounce “pwn” was reopened.

I can hear the Full Metal Jacket quotes and questions now.

The only thing that could have made this shirt better would be the Pyro’s flame icon on the helmet. Aww, who am I kidding, I’m definitely in for one.

boom, headshot.

Odd that this tee’s been up at Emptees for 2 months and it didn’t get any love. Will that spell demise for the sales?

also, what do people feel about the ‘homage’ as discussed on Emptees:

You write “Born to Pwn” on your helmet and you wear a peace button. What’s that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke?

Think George Thorogood ever pwned a n00b?
I bet so.

I don’t know if its me but the brown stuff looks like a decapitated monkey…

this shirt is l33t!

It’d look nicer as a hat.

I think we need a hat.woot.

why is there tax today? i’ve never had to pay taxes before…

I’d rather have a jelly doughnut Pvt. Pile…

Here, before someone makes you all get on your knees and choke yourselves:

Would be all over this if it had the peace sign button. Now I have to think about it.
P.S. I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

my question is about the skull. is it for level 10 prestige MW2 or GRAW?

Hell, I like this shirt. Is the kind of shirt I would take home to F my sister.

In for one. Sir. Hoorah!!

Should have been a peace symbol to show mans duality.

In for one. I love that movie.

“Seven six two millimeter full metal jacket.”

Jarhead here. In for one. :smiley:

The skull is level 10 prestige in MW2, let’s just hope the person wearing this shirt earned that reward instead of cheating it like most players!