Broadxent BritePort Cable Modem


pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Broadxent BritePort 8601 Broadband Cable Modem
condition: New

$9.99 + $5 shipping


DOCSIS 1.1 … Will not work in my area with comcast. Check your provider.


I’m Time Warner or road runner or whatever they are calling themselves right now. Will this work with TW Cable? And if I get this, will all i need to do is pay for the service and not rent their modem?


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Comcast is going DOCSIS 3, don’t bother if you want good speed in the future.


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for those with cox cable


DOCSIS 1.1 is 6 years old. Most cable companies that offer ISP have moved well past this long ago. The new standard is DOCSIS 3.0. No thanks. This is probably the problem with WOOT’s servers too. They were great 6 years ago just lost a lot over the years. OUTDATED no thanks.


I don’t understand! Don’t cable modems have to be the ones given by your ISP?


Good to go for Charter customers! I’m in for one!


Danget, this is a good deal, too bad I don’t need one. I happened to have bought one for a lot more a while back.


Road runner?


Nope only paid the rental fees. Check your bill. Or you pay ahead of time.


no cable modems provided by your isp give them an excuse to charge between 3 and ten dollars a month “rent”


im so torn … i don’t know if its gonna be worth buying … although i would like to get back my deposit on this crap modem i got from muh university … i just don’t know if its gonna be worth it!


As of now most this is compatible with most ISPs. in my area these work with time warner and comcast. In the future comcast will be switching to DOCSIS 3 instead of DOCSIS 1.1 which is what it uses now. But Comcast also charges $3 a month to rent one. So if you use this for 5 months you will have made your money back And they will not be switching to the new standard for a year or so.


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Information: Cox Compatible Cable Modems


This article provides information on approved cable modems for use on the Cox High Speed Internet service.
Note: Some modems that have been purchased from a second hand vendor (online auctions, garage sales, pawn shops) may not work on the Cox High Speed Internet service.

i copied and pasted this from the site that one of the other wooters posted. So do you think this is true, or is it something they put to make you think that you have to “rent” there equiptment


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