Broadxent BritePort Cable Modem

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Broadxent BritePort Cable Modem
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Broadxent BritePort 8601 Broadband Cable Modem

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Im already online!!! dont need one!!! :frowning:

Kids, GET ONE. When ur parrents take away the modem. Have a spare!

they cant have many of these…

Uh… How can I use this?

Woot Killer. Who needs this? At least it’s new :slight_smile:

Who hasn’t got one of these free from their cable company?

NEXT>>> before everyoine else gets up

Hey my modem likes Stephen Colbert too! :slight_smile:

Nice buy!

Could have used one of these 5 years ago.


why would I need something to help me get online?

lmao @_@ who the hell buy modem nowadays??? i got mine for freeeeeeee from my isp

whats the point of buying on of these??? Whats wrong with the one that comes with your service provider???

Bought one last Woot…works great with my cable broadband!

Basically this is a MUSTECK brand of cable modems.

When are the screwdrivers making their appearance?

Haha, good idea!

nice excellent deal. :\