Broc Cellars 2008 Dry Stack Grenache - 3 Pack

Broc Cellars 2008 Dry Stack Grenache - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Broc Cellars Grenache, Bennett Valley
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IS this Broc wine names after a set of badgers living in these cellars? Very big cellar rats! :slight_smile:

thing is, badgers like sugar. Was there a lot of sugar in these grapes at harvest? I wonder if we can find out how much.

A nice deal off retail, especially with shipping. And the CT notes for their other Grenache bottlings are pretty encouraging. I think I may be in… Hmm.

Do we have any pH or other indications of acid levels? Grenache is fruity, but does this have balance, or is it all fruit?

Also, is this a drink now, let lay in or both wine? I’m not schooled enough in grapes and vintages to go ‘but of course its…’

seriously, Broc Cellars is my favorite new discovery this year. I have poured the Dry Stack Grenache to a few dozen friends so far and 100% thought this wine is delicious. I typically decant this before dinner and taste it for a few hours, very nice soft fruit, layers of mineral (clay) and a very smooth finish always. The acidity is right on the mark too. If you are up for something new to try, this is your woot! Thanks for listening.

What percentage of the grapes were grown biodynamically , or through other methods?

Interesting, urban winery in Berkeley? Is there a tasting room?

Any lab rats? I’m curious about this one

Yep! I believe they still share a winery with Eno Cellars, and A Donkey & Goat (good backstory behind the name) are just down the street. I highly recommend making a day out of urban wine tasting in Berkeley.

Haha, my friend loves the name of the winery so we’ve been chasing Donkey & Goat wine for a while. Even went to pizzaiolo one night since they were listed on the website as carrying it but they didn’t anymore.

You don’t say which vintage you’ve n=been pouring, and I can’t help wondering why they’re still showing the '07 (100% Grenache) on their website, while selling off the '08 here. With 11% Syrah, and a splash of Viognier, it seems like this one would be somewhat different, not to mention a year younger. I’d be interested in how the 2 vintages compare.

Oops. Forgot I was using bahwm’s computer. ddeuddeg.

The Grenache sounds interesting, I think I’d like to try this but I keep running into the same problem with all wine descriptions-- telling me that it has notes of chocolate and currant tells me nothing. Like “This wine has depth and focus, yet retains elegance and restraint through its balance.”
translates to “you can look really refined drinking this”

Everyone says that Guinness tastes like chocolate, I have yet to taste it for myself.

Wiki says this grape has a very high sugar content and low acids, that’s about all I have to go on right now. I second having lab rats come out and tell me layman’s terms what’s going on with the bottle.

Ie: leaves dry taste in mouth, very acidic, bitter, tastes like…

I thought “Dry Stack” was a sherry, not a Grenache…:wink:

Morning, good question. I’ve had both - the 2007 and 2008 this year. I do have detailed notes on the 2007 - packed away however in a moving box this morning. I’ll find it in a few hours.

Chris should also be piping in on the boards at anytime, I know he’s a one-man show and it’s the thick of harvest out here.

Coffee time…


here’s a pic from a few weeks ago. Twas a perfect pairing with grilled lamb & basil burgers, with fava bean puree (w/lemon, greek yogurt,salt/pepper). The nose was floral at first then turned a touch more savory over the hours.

This bottle is hard to age in my world - a fantastic everyday sipper for me. The Vine Star white blend doesn’t stand a chance in my wine-cave. Straight to the fridge…

Here’s the vinopedia link, Parker gave the 2006 a 90. Not bad!
Especially for the price point.

Hopefully none. I hate when there’s bull sh*t in my wine.

This is more of a balanced Grenache. Bennett Valley is about as cool as you can get as far as growing Grenache is concerned.

It’s ready to drink now, but could lay down for a couple of years and be rewarded. I usually age in bottle for 2 years after bottling as the cool climate requires it.