Broc Cellars 2008 Dry Stack Grenache - 3 Pack

Broc Cellars 2008 Dry Stack Grenache - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Broc Cellars Grenache, Bennett Valley
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Do we have any stats for this wine? pH? TA? Alcohol %? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?

Lots of neglect for Tennessee today. Would have pulled the trigger on this one and the Meeker if I could have had them shipped to me.

If the winemaker is out there… buy a TN license! We’re the 17th most populous state (there’s over 6.3 million of us).

how does that splash of Viognier affect it?

Can I request that the next item be Sherry- and that you deliver it to me in the next 15 minutes- I’m craving a glass right now.

Thank you for basing your woot-off on my frivolous demands.

“The ’08 Grenache shows red fruits, along with kirsch, clove, black currants and pepper spice. This wine has depth and focus, yet retains elegance and restraint through its balance.”

I had to google kirsch to find out what the heck it was. It’s German for cherry. Seriously, why be pretentious? Just say cherry next time.

doesn’t this company also sell a delicious pinot syrah? Please sell that blend.

Maybe the chemical factory where it’s made was in flood affected portions of Thailand :wink:

See I knew what kirsch means, but I thought cherry was a red fruit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not complaining, just glad the wood went down;) But it would be really nice to see a Riesling or Pinot Grigio come up…

Something so I don’t feel I’ve turned red…
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Edit: My apologies, figured the anti part of it would make it ok…)

Fine print:
Hope this doesn’t offend anyone!

Don’t encourage them! that stuff is candied connective tissue with some meat attached, not jerky.

Actually kirsch is cherry liqueur - usually with a slightly bitter almond edge from using the pits in the processing. A distinctly different flavor than a fresh cherry, so I appreciated the use.

Kirsch is actually a cherry liqueur. It has a very certain cherry-ish taste but certainly not the flavor of juicy sweet cherries.

Edit-helpful but slow on the trigger apparently

Edit 2 - but faster than some! :wink:

Kirsh is cherry brandy, short for kirschwasser.

Edit: I see the masses have already gotten to this :slight_smile:

Broc Cellars anything is my # 1 auto-buy

I now wish I’d drank this last night instead of the Meeker Grenache…then I’d know whether to get more!

Texacaliali, Have you tried this particular wine? I haven’t ever tried Broc Cellars and am intrigued. Your endorsement is swaying me toward the trigger, but I must balance this with my knowledge that my DH will kill me if he finds out I bought more wine!

Grenache = in for 1

Hopefully the species of rat they make that from is extinct now.