Broccoli On Candelabras

Broccoli On Candelabras

Wake up trytophan induced coma shoppers!!

First and got it!

I was all over that like a vegan on broccoli

Then I realized, CC had expired.


Got it.



Here’s to randomly checking the newest posts. :slight_smile:

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Well that was easy. WAKE UP PEOPLES!!!

Gots - Great for my yesterday birthday!

Got mine! Hoping for most crappy things…. I DO turn 50 in less than a month! Anyone in texas want to celebrate?



Operation: Avoid the Wootoff can now commence.

But if you avoid the Woot Off, it’ll take longer for TT to finally get the second shoe.


There is no shoe.

She is one-legged? Or doesn’t wear shoes? Or there is no Santa Claus?

Same, just woke up - checked forums - seriously cannot believe I got one with having to sign in and everything

and my Black Friday shopping is complete


Any of those is possible.

Normally I spend hours refreshing woot… literally just got on and snagged that crap

It was like it just jumped into my cart and was MINE before I even knew what was going on.
Thanks Woot!

Ya’ll have heard the old adage: The early Wooter gets the Bag of Crap

Got one, yay! Cute pic too, took me a couple of seconds to register it was a boc.

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Funny it was the unlucky 13th item on Wootbisters! This should be the most unlucky disappointing boc EVER!!!