Broke ol' Car

Broke ol' Car

Wow. VOP’d when percentage was at 98%. VOP’d again at 68%. Still in VOP. No :poop: for me today.

Same :frowning:

got one!!

Lol - finally get to the WANT ONE button and realized I am not qualified due to the July Birthday - ah well. MAybe someday Woot will space their wootoffs 31 days apart instead of 25, or change the rules to fit the offerings/events

Bag of landfill items

Yep, VOP again for me. They seem to be going awfully fast today.

I got out of the VoP but got the blank screen with enter all your address and payment info. Lol. I don’t qualify but figured I’d try

Sings: VOP’d again. I’m at Woot! to get VOP’d again…

Actually I got my last BoC on 7/16 so I’m not qualified yet…

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Does anyone have any tips for BoC? I’ve never gotten one and I feel like I click it so fast. Should I stay and wait in the VoP or should I refresh that page?

I was in the VOP and actually got it.

It use to be that the BOC was posted on the forum slightly before the main page. Now i hear its on the app first. I just got one through the forum page thought now.


Yay. One more broke ol car to add to the garage. The wife is not going to be happy seeing that though.

Same here. It was available for purchase each time but then that’s it couldn’t get one!

You should hang out in the VOP but don’t refresh - it auto-reloads every 30 seconds or so. Refreshing the VOP sends you to the back of the line.

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I didn’t know it was posted on the forums first, but it 100% goes live in the app before it does the desktop webpage.

There’s pretty much no point in clicking on a BoC on the web version, I luckily just got this one on the app but my web version is still in the VOP… clicked at the same time on both.

Got this one, after having missed out on the two prior. Thought it was going to be another dry woot-off. Crap is mine however! :w_boc: :clap:

I can’t believe the VOP is still letting me hang out inside! So cool

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Still in the VOP… never taken this long to kick me out before!

I was in the last one until 50% into the Olympia Provisions Pepperettes when I decided it was time to jump out.

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