Broken Earth CdR Rhone Blend Case (12)

Broken Earth CdR Rhone Blend 12-Pack Case
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2011 Broken Earth CdR, Estate Grown, Paso Robles

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this really is a great deal.

I am posting a review for this wine from 9/27. I loved it, and it is at a great price point.

I received this lovely bottle of Broken Earth winery’s 2011 Estate CdR blend (Paso Robles) to sample. The website states that it is a Rhone Blend. It is screw-cap wine, and the label states that it is a blend of Petit Syrah, Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier. It was harvested in Oct. 2011 and bottled in July 2013.

The label also suggests that this would be a good pasta wine. I guess I’m not good at following directions: I enjoyed the wine all by itself, and it held its own as a solo sipper.

This wine is ready to drink out of the bottle. It opened up very little at all in the time I was swirling and drinking, but it was good to go right on first pour. This doesn’t make it less enjoyable, but it will disappoint those who decant everything to eke out the nuance of every part of its evolution. The initial smell, while initially floral and fruity, did have more toasty aromas mixed with the fruit later on.

It is a medium-bodied wine, enough to produce some nice legs in the glass. While being, as the label says, “fruit-forward”, it is nevertheless a dark flavor – sort of a lighter, more sophisticated “Apothic Dark”. Much more sophisticated. I tend to think of fruity as being light, open fruits – the label suggests strawberry. I’m getting more of a spicy blackberry.

The wine does have subtle oaking, and I can taste a slight dustiness on the tongue – just enough to be pleasant. Mixed with that was a fair amount of spicy “zing”.

My cheapskate delight is to find highly rated wines at a price below ten dollars. I felt like this would be the case for this wine. It is a really sophisticated daily-drinker, which is a very pleasing paradox for the skinflint.