Broken links

When I search all deals and sort by new, there’s a lot of items by Merrell, vertx and first tactical. All of their links are broken. I could use a new pair of hiking boots. Just saying…

Just did a search for ‘Merrell’, sorted by latest topic, and see the most recent topic was merrell jungle mocs… 28 days ago. That link worked to the discussion and to the site post. Same with a smattering of other boots after that.

The ‘vertx’ bags from 7 days and 29days ago both worked.

The ‘first tactical’ gloves and pants from 27 days ago worked.

Do you have the URL from your search, or example links that don’t work? Maybe I’m doing this whole forum thing wrong.

All links are gone now from app. Cs got back to me and said Merrell boots were all sold out. Oh well… Thanks for trying!

Hi there. Is it still happening?

This page, right?

Yeah. I don’t see the items with broken links anymore. Haven’t noticed any other items with 404s.