Bromwell Barbecue Skewer – 2 Pack

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Bromwell Barbecue Skewer - 2 Pack
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Bromwell SK2 Barbecue Skewer - 2 Pack

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Anyone got these?

No good for indoor cooking.

I’m hungry all of a sudden.

wow shipping kills this

Oh…These again!

baah skip

…how did they not sell out of these last Woot-off…

$13.99 on ebay
unavailable on amazon

in for 3, great over the campfire

All this needs is a bag!

I might get a set and shove them in my eyes because I’m tired of seeing this crap.

Will the monkies ever appear? I know there’s only about 2 hours 45 minutes left, but still…

I got some of these last time they where on here… Work pretty good, except I didn’t measure my grill so only 5 of the 6 I got would go on at a time…
word of advice: measure your grill

If you’re in for 1, may as well be in for 3. Ordered!

In for 3. Took one for the team.

Is everyone else getting the Walmart Swiffer isle ad? Do they really have a dedicated swiffer area now? That would be so handy.