Brondell 3-Stage Water Filtration System

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Brondell 3-Stage Water Filtration System
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Time to check out the product page and let’s learn about the warranty


great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

How much do the replacement filters cost?

Check out some reviews from Home Depot

I’m very intrigued. My well water is good except for being very hard, with high dissolved solids, almost exclusively calcium and magnesium. I’m wondering if the “turbidity” filter will do anything for my water.

My very short research shows amazon sells the replacement filters for $30 + $30 + $50 oh plus it looks like a hard drive. I could be wrong about the filters but they dont look like any filters ive seen at the box stores.

Looks good, but does nothing for the most common toxin in municipal water: fluoride.

Is this a type of unit that you can use with a fridge? I get all my drinking water (and ice) from our fridge, and it would be nice to filter only that water…

[Added question] Or are there better types of systems for that?

looks like the 2 $30 each last 6 months and the $50 one only has to be replaced yearly.

I read a study on this, I am told you can neutralize fluoride by wearing a tin foil hat.

All about the dosage.

Did you know water is lethal in high dosages?

The more you know!

Looks like water filter manufacturers are finally trying to catch up with the razor scamsters…


I find that there are better AND LESS EXPENSIVE systems for your fridge. Buy an inline water filter at your home center. It will cost you about $10 to $15 dollars and fits inline between the fridge water feed line. (My water feed line comes from our basement so I spliced the filter to that line before it enters the fridge and fastened it to the wall behind the fridge.) Very easy to install yourself. Finally, if you have a modern fridge that requires a canister filter that screws into the fridge…DON’T BUY A NEW ONE. They cost well over $50 and are a rip off.

Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper!

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and lead underwear never forget the Pb underwear.

It’s lethal in small doses. go ahead and snort a few ounces.

Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face. Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

Yeah ,they say the say that they put the fluoride in the water to dumb us all down so we wouldnt know the moon landing was a fake !!! …LOL !!! Conspiracy theorists are a fun lot !!! Gotta love em !