Brondell Bidets: GASP WHOA WHAT TH-

Don’t confuse the bidet and the power washer.

This is America.
We don’t need no stinkin’ bid-ets.
We drink beer, watch real American NFL football, shoot our guns and wipe ourselves with toilet paper. (not in that order).

I always wanted a water fountain in the house, but that’s a strange place to put it. In for three!

Bidet with a remote control. Best prank ever.

I’m inclined to agree with you!

OMG! I could have some fun, with that.

I kind of question the point of a bidet. Won’t you still have to wipe to dry off?

I used one in Vegas that used hot air to dry your bottom…basically a hand dryer inside.

First time and last time I use a bidet. I didn’t care much for it. I guess if you had a mess it might help a little with the cleanup but in those cases I usually just feel like a shower…


There are people who don’t wash their bums with water after every poop?!

How does it attach to a water source??

Generally they branch off of the water going to the toilet already. In the case of a heated bidet, I believe you branch off of the water going to to the sink.

Yes. But you only need a little paper to dry, as opposed to mounds of paper to get all that crap off your brown eye. I can imagine saving a ton in toilet paper in the long run using one of these. That being said, the $500 units seem a bit extreme. I’ve been wanting one of the $45 Luxe units that just retrofit your existing toilet seat.

Anyone else notice the not-very-bright placement of the electrical outlet in the 2nd photo of the hand-held model? Sure, it has a GFCI outlet, but right next to the water line? And if you wanna plug something in you’ll be doing it with a face full of toilet! :wink:

A warning: Once you go bidet, you never go back.

Got a hand me down bidet-toilet-seat from a Japanese friend about 10 years ago.
Never would have imagined I’d be so thrilled to receive a hand me down toilet seat.

Now, the thought of doing my business and having to “clean up” with only dry TP makes me shudder.

Those of you (Americans) who say, “eeew” - Tell you what, you post a picture of the first piece of TP you use after going and I’ll post a picture of the first one I use (usually also the last) and we’ll see who says “eew”.

(btw, I’m American too, but I was open minded and smart enough to recognize a great idea when I saw it)

Also - I know nothing about these - mine’s a Toto, which is the brand of choice in Japan.


lol - that is worthy of an “eeew”, but I assure you, when I received it, it was clean enough to eat off of…

BTW - are these bidets “Tools” or “Garden”?

Get that crap outta here. This is MURIKA!!! USA USA USA

Interpret as needed. Double entendre but with poo jokes!!!


I bought a Swash 900 for my parents a couple years ago for Christmas. Stepdad took 11 months to install it (he thought it was some cheap gimmicky crap), they both had to call me right afterward and tell me how great it was. Now they hate having to use a toilet when they travel and many of their much more senior friends are on a hunt for one as well. I paid about the same for the 900 a couple years ago when the 1000 cost $400 more and didn’t think it was worth the extra $ for a dryer. In for one!