Brondell Bidets: Let's Get Bidets

Wondering about the handheld one. Thinking it might be a great device for a dementia patient who needs assistance.
Worried they would try to use it on their own if aide’s back was turned and make a mess. Can’t use the other model b/c they need to use a seat riser.

Anyone use this or know of one who used this model for that sort of purpose.

Thank you .

Never used it for that purpose, but I can see why it would be great. Those with dementia tend to be unsteady, and helping them wipe usually involves a dangerous balancing act. As falls are often deadly for this group of people, anything to eliminate falls would be beneficial. They would have to be carefully supervised I imagine. A slippery floor won’t be better. There’s also the confusion that happens with dementia, where individuals think one thing is something else (ie, it could be interpreted as a shower, or they could even be afraid of it) depending on the stage. Sorry you are going through this with someone. Such a painful disease.

I cannot BELIEVE this woot! I purchased an inexpensive bidet from woot several months ago (Luxe) and it changed my life. My wife did not appreciate the aesthetics of this device in our guest bath(my bathroom) and made me remove it. She wins the battle…
Just YESTERDAY I had an outlet installed next to my toilet, in anticipation of purchasing a real bidet seat…and here it is on woot. it’s destiny.

Ohhh-kayyy, I’m fearless, so I’ll ask:

The instructions for the seats imply that there may be consumables required for continued operation of the, um, “flatus filter” and the sterilizer (!) function. Where/how do we get them? If not, where do the activated charcoal and silver oxide particles come from?

Is there any legitimate difference between the white and biscuit colored ones that warrants biscuit being more expensive than white?

Mass-production cost. They bought/made more white ones, so they got a cheaper deal from the factory.

I bought 2 of the Brondells last time, for the master bath and a half bath. I love the thing! I’m using waaaay less TP too. The one I use is in our master bath. The half bath is usually used by DH and he HATED the thing. It does a cleansing rinse when you first sit down on the seat, and it seems he gets a bit of moisture from the rinse splashing up on his “parts” which grosses him out. This may be worse because the half bath only has a round toilet, not extended, so there’s less room. The story ends well though, because we took that seat off and installed it in another bath that our son uses. He’s studying to get a Japanese major and loves the Brondell. He says it’s “life changing”.

My advice if you’re getting one for the first time is to use a 3-prong extension cord when you first install it so you can try it out before going through the trouble of another bathroom outlet. We did that - easy-peasy and no worries.

Same here. I got mine about 6 months ago and got around to installing it a month ago. I love it, wife has nothing to do with it. I tried to get her to use it more as the first experience was iffy. Meaning getting use to it and have the water adjusted just right. Sitting right helps to.

As with me, I seen people saying they had well water and it was not cold to them, even in the winter.
Now, it can get cold. Turning the pressure down on the water flow will help some. Nothing like a charlie hoarse in the sphincter muscle group from the cold. Good thing that was on the really cold days.
Now I what a real plug in type for the added comfort.

OK, I have passed this by as it is a crappy subject to begin with. Oh the puns possible! But they all stink, I mean I need to get over it, the bidet that is!

I have an actual question about the less expensive one for 39 bucks. Does it come with the water line and adapter/hardware to hook it up to the toilet tank water input connector? Is it an easy install?

I am plumbingly challenged.

Listed here:
(not sure if the right model)
Stating: “All accessories included for standard installation.”

I hope in hindsight I don’t regret it.

I guess I am in for one.

Thanks for the link!

Well the good thing about this. IF you don’t like it, you are not out of a bunch of $$$.

Just give it some time using it and you will wonder how you lived without it. I just asked my wife if she had used it, That’s a big NO. She started to, then chickened out.
Good for me, bad for her.

Now I am considering the Toto brand, but that’s a butt load of money…

I guess I need two. One for the tool shed and one for the garden.

I bought one of these about a month ago, but just installed it. I think it’s another brand, but it’s the add on kind with the dials on the side of the bowl. I’m as. Lean as a newborn!!

Anyone that doesn’t like these is just an asshole.

Sorry, I don’t have any specific information about using it. I can say that with the included hardware and quick trip to any hardware store, you should be able put in a valve of some sort to disable it. Depending on how severely you need to limit it, that could go as far as requiring a tool like a fireplace key to turn it on.

there really is so much curiosity the bidet on the part of our friends and neighbors. Everyone wants to see the bidet, but not one of them will use, or admit to using, it.
Toilet tech in this country hasn’t changed in a hundred years! How is the pinnacle of hygiene wiping your butt with a piece of thin paper? If you step in dog poop, do you wipe it off with tissue paper or do you wash it off?
Once you have one, you won’t want to use a toiled away from home!

Not sure but… if you go to Thailand this is what everyone of all ages use. They don’t use TP but they use this hand held spray hose. My wife is Thai and I actually bought this for her as a homesick comfort thing.

Not me but here is a sample.

Who knew there were so many videos on how to use a toilet ?

Thanks for the info !

Please bring back this woot! I need another swash 1000 for my second bathroom.
I’m on my second bidet, I researched so many before deciding on the swash.

If you’re motivated enough to read forums about bidets, just buy one. It is a universal bidet forum constant…People who have bidets love their bidets. People who don’t have bidets make fun of bidets.
I don’t think I’ve ever read on a forum of somebody who used a bidet for a few days and decided they didn’t like it. There is absolutely no advantage to using tp.

update for future woots…
I’ve had this product for eight months now…probably the best home-improvement purchase I’ve made. great quality, great features, just bought a second bidet from woot.