Brondell Bidets

No warm water models this time ?
{ the kind that attach not the whole remote control seat thingy}
Not even one hidden in the back in a ripped box ? {BUT I draw the line at a returned used one :wink: }

I’m surprised this has been available for two days now and there’s only one comment so far. Hopefully this is because it’s being offered in the “Tools & Garden” category instead of the “Home” category where it belongs instead of the other possibility of simply a general lack of interest.

I’ve owned washlets from three manufacturers, including an S900 from Brondell for the last four years and these things are great. The analogy I give to my friends is, if you’re walking in the park, trip and fall, and your hand lands in some dog poo, would you be satisfied washing it off with paper alone, or would you want to use water?

I got a deal on my S900 for $300 so an S1000 for $425 is a sweet deal considering it includes the feature where it removes bad smells. I’d definitely order another for my other bathroom if I weren’t so poor.

One feature I love about my Brondell more than the others I’ve owned is it’s tankless. This makes the overall size smaller and, best of all, it provides endless warm water since it heats the water on demand. The cheaper models with tanks run out too quickly, leaving you with a cold wash.

If you’re on the fence, Brondell is a good brand and should last a long time.

Just bought one for my pregnant daughter. This will be SO much nicer for her when she’s recovering after giving birth! Especially since it has adjustable water pressure. Plus - BONUS - this time around the price for the white elongated is $15 LESS than previously on Woot

I’ve been watching these for over a year. Since I’m now on septic, I think the reduction in paper usage will make it a worthwhile purchase while possibly buying my septic system some extra life.

I’m in for one. I hope it works as well as the Amazon reviews claim. If it works well, I’ll have to replace the guest bathroom with one, also.

I love mine though I have the one with the heated seat. You simply can’t go wrong with one of these.