Brondell Bidets

So, does anyone in Wootlandia have anything to say about the bidets that are installed in the seat?

I’m about to have back surgery, and wondered if it***** really is as helpful as they’re made out to be.

I mean, how well do they clean one’s rear end?


*the bidet, that is. Not that the surgery won’t be helpful in the long run… however, it’s also not going to clean my tail with a spurt of water, as I assume the bidet is supposed to do.

Apparently I only come around to discuss bidets. The sub-$50 ones here are quite dependent on your water pressure. I haven’t tried the specific one here, but I’ve found the type to be “pretty good”. With a little practice at butt-shimmying and a tolerance for cold water, probably at least as clean as 99% of people ever get with dry paper. Of course, I’m not sure how much butt-shimmy you will do after surgery.

The electric/heated/pump-driven versions (often on woot in the $300 range) seem a little extravagant. But, there’s a reason 80% of Japanese houses have the extravagant kind. They’re really another big leap. And they do clean just that little bit better.

you can see some reviews here

Having used “real bidets” in Europe I am going to give this a try. I know it won’t be the same but even if it is close it will be a great help. One big suggestion, purchase a stack of small hand towels for drying instead of using toilet paper. Then just toss them in the wash.

I actually got rid of mine that was in the seat. I found that it was very difficult to keep clean. I am replacing it with an outside the toilet spray bidet like I have in my other bathroom. I just didn’t have the incentive to install a self-cleaning/heated water/air drying/heated seat/music playing/massaging fancy model. Maybe if I ever use one, I’ll change my mind, but for now the basic one does very well for me.

Great idea!

Well, I for one am glad someone’s dedicated to the art of cleaning one’s rear. :wink:

Thanks for all the info and tips, everyone, it really helps in decision making!

I’d recommend getting the Asian ones that replace the whole seat. Go Japanese if you can. Sure it may be $200~$300, but usually its worth it. Heated seats, Water spray, Air spray for drying, Deodorizer and Sanitizer functions, and a remote for you to mount on the wall for easy access to controls. Typically because they come with dual bidets. One for the general behind and another for females. I have it because my parents live with me and they’re old and not active so this helps.

I don’t like how this one it extends out of that little exposed tube. If there’s mineral buildup you might have problems down the line. Also a lot of the asian ones have bidets that retract in a compartment shielding it from any splash and only extend when being using. (You don’t have to worry about peeing and getting urine splashed onto the bidet or feces if you are having explosive diarrhea)

Also if you are wondering if it will save you toilet paper? Sure, sorta. You’ll still need toilet paper but you probably won’t be using as much for #2. I have an asian one and sometimes it cleans well but I still always go over it again with toilet paper to get rid of anything that didn’t get sprayed off.

Also make sure to get one in which you can program the length in which to spray. The $200 one I got. The one downside I hate about it is… well the spray cleaning is a fixed duration of 2:30 seconds… which honestly I don’t like having my butt sprayed for THAT long. (I manually hit the stop button on the remote after about 30 seconds.)