Brondell Bidets

Ahh, nobody in America wants to talk about Bidets.


I bought this bidet about a year ago from woot. This is a fantastic swash seat, best money I ever spent.

Multi function remote has a magnetic mount. fully adjustable features, water temp, seat heat, pressure.

Much quieter than the DIB biobidet seat I bought (also from woot). This Brondell unit is mounted in our guest bathroom, a source of much amusement for our guests, but some have ended up buying one.

you won’t want to poop away from home. Once again, we are the most tech crazy country, but still using 1800’s toilet tech.

*the picture used on the main page of this ad is deceiving, this is definitely NOT how this bidet looks installed. Check the dimensions on the brondell website or look for photos of it installed. the bidet is roughly 4" tall at the back and would be right up against the tank

We also bought our here about a year ago and the guy above is right… You never want to poop away from home.

This thing washes your ass like nobody’s business.

I would not trade it for any other appliance in my house. I am tempted to get one for the downstairs guest bath.

Everything is adjustable to personal taste - Water temp, water pressure, width of water spray, level of seat warmth.

Great, great product and well made.

I’m assuming you need a 110 outlet in proximity to the toilet?

yes. My electrician did two for $100 a piece.