Brondell H2O+ Circle Reverse Osmosis System

Does anyone know how long the filters last, how much the replacement filters are & where to get the filters?

Depends on what you need to filter for.

If you’re on city water, you can typically look up the city’s water quality reports to know what you’re filtering for, over and above what they deliver. In my area, I’m just filtering for taste. So, reading their specs, the Circle system is rated at 3,500 gal. Aesthetic Chlorine (for taste). But if you’re filtering for VoCs, it’s rated much lower, at 243 gal.

How expensive are the replacement filters? Do you need to purchase them from the company that manufacturers the device or are the interchangeable with other filter devices?

By searching this product’s name on Amazon I was able to see several replacement filter options all around $80 for multi packs. I cannot confirm any other brands will work with this product. Your fellow Wooters will probably be of greater assistance.

I have spotlighted your post so hopefully you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.

Replacement filters are available from many different online retailers including Amazon. The RF-20 filter pack (sediment filter, Pre-Carbon filter, and Post-Carbon filter) is approximately $80 and gets replaced every 6 months on average. The RF-40 filter is the RO Membrane that gets replaced every 2 years on average and is approximately $90. Only Brondell replacement filters will work with the Brondell Circle RO System.