Brondell O2+ Source Air Purifier (2 Colors)

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Brondell O2+ Source Air Purifier (2 Colors)
Price: $189.99
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Condition: New


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This is JUST an air filter, that + after O2 means air pretty much

Can you place this near a wall? How far away from the wall does it need to be placed in order to function correctly?

From the manual linked in the features, page 14:

Ensure that there is clearance of
20” on each side and 4” in the back
of the appliance.

Thanks ThunderThighs! I think I’m in for one n white.


Doubles as a game boy.

Looks like filter kits are relatively easy to come by, a quick search turns up several big-box retailers, prices in the $70-$80 range for the carbon+HEPA filter set.

I’m always reluctant to buy an air filter/cleaner like this with filters that will be impossible to find in a year when the first one is caked full of dust bunnies, making the whole thing just a noisy fan, but it appears that won’t be a problem for this one.

In for two!

has good reviews on Amazon, home depot, and several consumer review sites. and price is much lower than any others I have seen.

I bought two

T-Fal Optigrills.

I don’t know if this will get to anyone at Woot but I sure hope it does. Hint, ATTN Thunderthights! It seems you are the best at returning advice to those of us that ask questions.

I am sure you all remember when not only the headlining offer could be given comments on but all the other offerings could too. Not anymore! Why???

I purchased the, T-Fal Optigrill over a year ago and would love to tell buyers how great the thing is. No longer can! BAD WOOT! I have also seen crap offered that I had some expertise about and was able to warn buyers. Can’t anymore. BAD WOOT!

Please go back to when we buyers could review and remark on every offering you have. It is open, honest, and customer friendly.

Stop being “Bad WOOT” and go back to being “GREAT WOOT”!

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Are you not seeing the option to comment on all our offers? I assure you, we haven’t gotten rid of that feature.

The only thing I can think of is Sellout.Woot not letting you comment.

Anyway, back on topic I’m still trying to hold out for an affordable air purifier.

But…Sellout.Woot does let you comment…