Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Seat

I hate this new forum format


As do I. It is far too easy to skip over things people have said.

So, no more polls and then rolling out this new format?! What is going on over there at Woot? Don’t make me drive down there! :angry: (not that I would actually do such a thing, but Carrollton isn’t that far, but who would want to drive 121 at this time of day)

Seriously…I dislike this new format.

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Also not a fan of basically having my account wiped, along with my count of useful posts, and knowing how many purchases people have made. It really did help with knowing who was a trustworthy old guard, and who was a “white box” newbie and possible new-account troll.


Hi all. Thank you for the feedback on the forums.

The old forums were on their last leg. They were built over a decade ago on beta code for a product that never saw the light of day. They were costly to maintain and one wrong move could take them down. It was a matter of time before they died and all would be lost.

The old posts will be back. It takes a while to convert and transfer 14+ years of posts.

Join dates for those prior to the launch of the forums will be updated with the old posts are moved over. Everyone else will have a join date of when the first post in the forums.

4th button on the left, you can thank me later!

I miss the fact you could read old threads/posts (like one I wanted to see that was 10 years ago) with the old format. Now they are gone.

They’ll be back. It takes a while to convert 14+ yrs of posts and get them transferred over. It was wait a few days for them or shut the forums down for a few days. We chose to keep the forums live and have a bit of pain during the first week of transition.

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I would just like to relay that I hate this crappy bidet (heh.) Seriously, I bought mine on the mother ship after having shoulder surgery and it died on me in less than 4 months. The cost to fix it was more than it’s worth to even under warranty, which IIRC, doesn’t include shipping to and fro.

They have a 3 year warranty, you should call Brondell and you shouldn’t have to pay to ship if it had issues in the first four months. I love mine, I’ve had it for 4 years without any problems.

I must’ve got the one made on Friday afternoon or Monday morning. :frowning: I don’t remember the details any longer, but I definitely had to pay out. Ended up donating it to Goodwill so it probably wound up in the garbage.

I’ve bought 2 bidets on Woot in years past and they’ve been great. However, while this model is loaded, it is expensive. I just ordered one today on Newegg for $149 by biobidet. Not as fancy, no warm air, but the warm air doesn’t really dry you, do I didn’t find it necessary. I do like instant ceramic heaters as you dont need a bulky water tank.

I have had this model for almost 2 years, with no issues. It’s a great model, and I don’t think I’d buy another one with less features. Overall this seat is my favorite Woot. BTW, I even saw it advertised for a full page in an in-flight magazine shortly after I got it, lol.

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