Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat

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Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat
Price: $249.99
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Condition: New


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4/9/2018 - $249.99
3/10/2018 - $249.99

Condition: New

Caution: The Elongated seat has fins, the Round seat does not.

Stainless Steel Nozzle?
Where does that go…
Is this like one of those outer space toilets that uses a vacuum cleaner?

That would explain all of the refurbished Dysons

I bought one the last time they were on Woot. I love mine. The thing gets the job done perfectly without the paperwork. It’s like running your waste disposal body parts through a car wash!!

Now that is a mental image I will not soon forget.

First Question: How well does it stay attached to the toilet… meaning does it ever break or come loose?

Second Question: How well does it work on a serious Brown Pants Day; like you had to land your plane in the Hudson River… after eating Taco Bell?

I purchased one the last go-round on Woot. My husband and I love it. It stays perfectly affixed to the toilet (doesn’t come loose or move around at all), works thoroughly and comfortably, and we are, without a question, using a fraction of what we had been in toilet paper and wipes! This was a splurge purchase, but I had read excellent reviews on Amazon and decided to go for it. No regrets!

it does not break or come loose, there is a bracket that attaches to the toilet, and the seat clicks into that bracket, releasing with a pushbutton.
you’ll be clean, every day…do your worst.

If your bothering to read comments on this product, on a saturday…just buy one already.
These are far and away the most lifechanging woot you will ever buy.

Whether you buy one on Woot or elsewhere…

The caveat is that “wiping” alone will no longer be sufficient…


Yes, Me two…what tha heck is…or what is/are the item/s being referenced as “FINS” please ???


What about the cleaning aspect? The one we have now connects to the seat via the screws on top and it gets visibly dirty. Have to remove it to clean underneath where it connects to the top of the seat and needless to say it is beyond revolting. Wondering how this type of seat (and this model) compares in that dept. Thanks!

On the main page this is described as the Cadillac of seats and Cadillac’s used to have “Fins”

Does anyone know how compatible this bidet is with an American Standard Clean Toilet (High Efficiency Elongated - Model Number: 2514)? I found some info saying that this toilet would require a top mount kit/alternate T-valve for installation. Can anyone shed more light on this? i.e. does the T-valve have to be purchased separately and does its requirement complicate installation?

The bidet seat will fit on your toilet but since it is a “concealed trapway toilet” (aka “skirted toilet”) you’ll need an alternate mounting kit (call Brondell they can help, this is easy and you may be able to use your own screws) and you may need an extension hose because the connection points are all hidden by (the) design of your toilet. These are both really easy solutions, again a quick call to Brondell and they can help you through it. Totally worth it IMO, I’ll never go back to wiping with paper after using one of these.

I bought one of these during the last Woot. The unit seems well built and installation was fairly simple. Only caution is that you will need electrical power which needs to be a GFCI circuit or receptacle.

I feel it works well but frankly think you will receive same primary benefit with one of the less expensive options that are just a simple nozzle. This unit has a lot of bells and whistles which are nice but can’t help thinking that is just a maintenance issue waiting. Also, some functions are of limited use such as the blower/dryer. Perhaps in a drier climate it has more value but in humid FL, it isn’t very effective. I don’t regret buying it but when this unit breaks (and it will) will opt for one of the simpler and lesser expensive options.

What if your crap is like peanut butter?

If you have allergies my advice is “Don’t play with it”… Just Kidding/hahaha

I asked the “Brown Pants Day” question earlier and they say it’s no problem at all.