Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat

“Backyard sprinkler system.”

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Com’on! How many bidets do you think the world needs?

There are a LOT of butts out there not getting the cleaning they need!

And how exactly do you know this?

Nevermind, I dont want to know.

I think I have this very same model. It works great :grin:

I purchased this exact make/model from Woot a while back. Still cleans better than baby wipes. The seat heater is a bit overpowered and can toast your tush in mere moments (I keep it off). The sprayer itself has a wide range of power from “squirtgun” to “waterjet-cutter.” The instantly warm water is probably the best feature as not a single drop of cold water ever hits you. Oh! And it has a soft-close seat/lid, so no banging at night.

Ensure you have a GFCI outlet near the potty… just in case.

I purchased one because of this ANALogy…

Imagine you’re out walking when suddenly you slip and fall. You put out your hand to brace your fall and stick it smack dab in a giant pile of dog poo. Are you going to simply take a piece of paper out, wipe it off, and call it good? NO! You’re going to power spray the $#!^ off, maybe break out the bleach, and scrub off half your palm…

Why is any other part of your body different?


Glad to see the condition is new. I hear the refurbished ones can be quite sh!%%y.

My new [to me house] has a GFCI plug next to the toilet! I bought one! Soon I will have a shiny hiney!