Bronze Fire Pit with Legs and Lid

Bronze Fire Pit with Legs and Lid
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6/16/2014 - $299.99 (Woot Plus)

Perfect Review over at Bj’s Wholesale Club

Only one photo? And it doesn’t even show it burning?

Am I just a dummy or does in not say what fuel it burns. I am assuming it is propane (the bastard gas) but you know what happens when you ASSume.

exactly what was going to say c’mon wooooooot

Heats an “area” of 15 sq ft.
That’s a circle of radius 26 inches.

So barely bigger than the table itself.

Link above says it takes propane or butane.

Decorative Crossbar Design in Hammered Bronze Finish with Stainless Steel Legs and Lid
MANUAL AND PART LIST HERE (yes it’s the same - don’t get hung up on the G vs. F)

•38" square tabletop, 24" tall
•19" square lid
•Gas type: Propane, butane
•Heat output: 40,000 BTU’s
•Heating area: approx. 15 square feet
•Easy access propane tank door
•Thermocouple flame failure device
•CSA approved
•Includes starter fireglass
•Must use fireglass of at least 3/4" diameter-included even though woot lacks all specs

NOT INCLUDED But can be bought here on Amazon

The heating area must be 15sq ft area bordering the table, because a 15’ square containing the table is roughly 8" from the tables edge.

I’ve been around similar table burners in the past and they certainly take the edge off for a group sitting around it.

description IS lacking. oops, somebody added a photo of a crappy cover above…

Woot! Staff must be on leave today. The product description and picture are seriously lacking. Also no quality posts. Woncoolone and Woody1 I hearby nominate you for a peoples choice quality post award.

I honestly cant stand this crap about woot.

Bots, or people, saying “HERES AN AWESOME LINK CHECK IT OUT”

And the link is worthless. Like absolutely worthless and if the original poster of said link had actually gone to the link, they wouldnt have posted it.

Great reviews…NO, ONE review is NOT a great review.

I mean, READ THIS:

“I like how it looks and the reasonable price for such a great looking fire pit”

And that is what this Woot commenter thought was well worth out time.

40,000 BTUs should push your radius out to at least 30 inches.

Any idea what size tank it uses? Based on the size of the unit I would assume that you have to use a 1 lb tank if the tank goes inside (underneath). I think you can buy a converter so you could use a 20 pound tank.

If you look on Amazon…
"An easy access door located at the base allows you to conceal a 20 lb. propane tank (not included). "

I’ve found any consumer device, heater or A/C unit, fudges their BTU and sq/ft claim by a factor of two. A/C units claiming to cover 400 sq/ft often run 100% duty cycle struggling to keep a ~110 sq/ft room even 10*F below outside temps. Exception to this are permanently installed cooling units (Trane, etc).

Consider a product such as this:
Also 40k BTU. Have stood with my back up to one of these, barely warms. Heat goes out in all directions from the flames, but there’s no element for the flames to heat so you don’t get any actual radiant heat saturation, you’re just throwing burnt propane at the sky.

As for this product, MSRP on these is way too high for the simple components and spit-shine given to them, which is likely why we’re not seeing reviews anywhere; no one’s bought any. Amazon’s out and doesn’t know when they’ll get more, which usually means the product’s between production cycles, and likely EOLd. A fire sale on marginal backstock should be well less than this.