Brooklyn Brine Artisan Pickles (3)

Brooklyn Brine Artisan Pickles 3-Pack
$24.99 (Normally $41.85) 40% off List Price
In the box:
(1) Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy Pickles, 24oz.
(1) Brooklyn Brine Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles, 16oz.
(1) Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles, 16oz.


Previous offer:

I’m not at all pickled about this… just a bit sour about the deal.

Really? Pickles? I stayed up for pickles? I don’t even know what wine goes best with Pickles.?!?

havent bought on wine.woot in a while… can these be gifted like in the past?

No New York Deli style this time? Boo! Boo, I say!

These pickles are good! The flavor selection seems a bit different than the last offer.

so…approximately 25% less pickles than last time for 5 dollars more.

On top of that, the majority of people in the previous thread were not excited about these. While a few people posted favorable reviews after receiving them, i’m gonna definitely pass.

Not only can I not understand why pickles are on wine.woot, but they’re really expensive! You can make this stuff on your own very easily! >_>

How good are these pickles? I’m eating cucumber right now.

Kosher yet? (In April they said they were working on it…)

I wanted to like the last batch of these that were offered and the 3 flavors tasted good but what I didn’t like was the fact that the pickles weren’t crunchy but squeaky when eaten. Unfortunately though, I won’t be buying these flavorful pickles.

I took a chance and bought these last time. I could not believe how amazing these were! I hadn’t eaten pickles in a very long time… Maybe since I was a kid… But I ate every pickle in all three jars! Each time I ate one, the flavor was intense and I wanted to save all the remaining pickles so I wouldn’t run out too quickly! After finishing the last one, I have been waiting and waiting for these to return and went looking online and found them through one or two other sites (like Williams Sonoma and Dean and Deluca) but the prices were high (especially with shipping!)

The previous woot had flavors like Damn Spicy, a New York Deli one, and a whiskey sour one… All amazing but two of the three were spicy. I love spicy food so they all were perfect but I could see the damn spicy being a little much for the sensitive palette.

This time, I’m disappointed to see what looks like pickle chips versus halves, but based on my previous experience and the fact I have waited so long for these… I’m in for three!!! $75 in pickles!!! Looks like I’ll be eating pickle chips out of the jar soon enough as a snack!

I highly recommend based on the flavors, but you have to like spicy food for the Damn Spicy one.

Thanks woot! And the Brooklyn Brinery!

Over Priced
Over Rated

Tried them last time.
Never again
Get Ba-Tampte-

Ba-Tampte Pickles - Means Tasty …Since 1955 - Contact Us
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Get their Garlic Dill

Here’s a link to the two Damn Spicy pickles I found during my pickle search.

Dean and Deluca


The Hop Pickles sound amazing. Beer in my pickle? Awesome.

nice write up from

Wow…my wife would kick me to the loveseat and divorce me if I spend $75 on pickles…wow.

I have 4 unopened jars from last time I will sell cheap to someone in the NY area. PM me if interested with an offer.

1 NYC Deli
1 Damn Spicy
2 Whiskey Sour
(all are 24 oz. Bottles)

I am in Brooklyn, and can meet somewhere for exchange.

Are these pickles kosher? Last time they were on Woot, there was a comment saying they were working on getting Rabinical supervision.

Has that happened yet?