Brooklyn Brine Artisan Pickles


Got these last time around but be warned, when the label says “damn spicy”, it’s damn spicy.


$7.0825 per jar, for everything included. They have to ship them to you.


In defense of the inflated price–yes, some of that comes from marketing bull**** exploiting the words “artisan” and “Brooklyn.” But the reason most of our food is so cheap is because it’s mass produced with disgusting ingredients. This is a small company that uses quality ingredients and creates interesting flavor combinations.

FWIW, I gave a jar of these to a foodie for Christmas and it went over very well. As something to munch on when I’m watching Terminator 2 on Netflix in the middle of the night, this is pricy. As a gift, the price is right.


The word “artisan” has now officially lost all meaning.


Cab flavored Pickles, excellent Idea :slight_smile: in for 3


I wanted to try SOME of these pickles, but a case of 12 is too many. I guess I can always hope that Woot may sell individual jars in a Woot Plus or Woot-off.


‘Kerosene cucumbers’
(Sorry. I can’t read the word ‘pickles’ & not think about the Andy Griffith Show episode where Aunt Bee made the terrible pickles. ‘The Pickle Story’)


Hey I bought some Petite Sirah yesterday on kylemittskus’s recommendation
, A growth day for me


I bought the Brooklyn Brine pickles the last time they were offered on Woot. That time it was a 3-pack of one each “Damn Spicy”, “Spicy Maple Bourbon”, & “Hop”. While I haven’t tried the “Hop” yet, the other two have to be the very best pickles I’ve ever had so far. (And I’m a hard-core spicy pickle lover.) Nice heat level without blowing the top of your head off, plus lots of flavor & a nice balance of acidity that doesn’t leave you puckered.

That said, this is too much $$ & too many jars at one time for me. I’d much prefer a smaller offering like last time, with more choices.


I love a good pickle, but this is way too much money and way too many jars, along with a few I probably wouldn’t care for (Bourbon, blech). Beets and carrots as well? Ugh. I’ll stick to Claussen, which is pretty awesome for my easygoing palatte. And there’s a couple of decent local joints that make a good pickle, and spicy ones as well…


Are these Kosher? If so, can you tell me what it says on your kosher certificate?


I find your lack of faith in pickles disturbing.

For a good explanation why all of you are expecting pickles to be $2.97 for a huge jar, read this:

Good pickles need good ingredients. The vegetables sit in a jar with vinegar for months and months at a time. Think about all that yucky stuff stewing in with your pickles over the course of a year. Blah.

Pickles are supposed to last. So why do so many pickles need preservatives?

These don’t. Good ingredients, brewing and brining.

12 jars cost $100+S&H from Brooklyn Brine, so in terms of market value this isn’t bad. Maybe not a 5-alarm woot - but not bad.

As far as quantity: eat half of them over the next year, and give away the other half every once in a while to a foodie.


As i said last time, it isn’t the damn spicy you have to watch out for. The spicy bourbon is the true hot pickle (damn scotch bonnet)


Also, I just wanted to mention that last time I purchased these (August) I went in for 3, so 9 jars of pickles was $79.

This deal has free beets, carrots, and saurkraut in my book.


YES! We are Kosher! We are under Rabianical supervision by Rabbi Samuel Gringras. The certificate is Kashruth. The symbol is K O S C.


I’m a big fan of these pickles ever since I got some for Christmas a while back. Yes, they’re pricy, but they’re well worth it.

I love Ba-Tampte, they’re a good everyday pickle, but these are something special. If Ba-Tampte is a $10 bottle of Jack, these are a small-batch, well-aged single barrel bourbon. Fantastic for gifts, or for yourself if you feel like you’re worth top-shelf stuff.


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Great! I am in!


Does anyone know the sugar content of each of the varieties (namely the Maples)?

I’m going hardcore no-sugar, but I love pickles, and am sorely tempted.


wish i could pick and choose which to buy. i love pickles but i know there are a few varieties i would never touch in this offering…