Brookstone Smart WiFi Universal Remote Control

Brookstone Smart WiFi Universal Remote Control

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Anyone have any first hand experience with these? Reviews are in short supply. Also I found these over on Amazon, and a number of other sites for as much as 50% less. Here’s the link for Amazon.

Have a great day!

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this one also seems to be same rebranded device and has more reviews (Brookstone’s website has a picture of the bottom and MOES customer reviews have a picture of the bottom, seems identical.)

what’s unclear is if Brookstone is just rebranded SmartLife app (looks like it might be) or write their own, or if the firmware is the same and any of the devices will work with any of the apps.

The SmartPoint one’s app looks different, but could be a rebranded older version.

the reviews on the apps all mention lag as an issue, which could just be weak wifi.

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I own a few of the MoesGo ones, they are great, can control every IR device in my house. Your can do custom buttons from any remote and it will sent that command to the device via smartlife and google/alexa. Not too involved to do the diy button in smartlife. Then tell alexa to find devices and it will show up, then I add it to a routine. Highly recommend at this price.

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The Brookstone version looks different, and has different things. We’ll see when I connect something to it.

it looks exactly the same, with the same specs. I bought the SmartPoint one, and tried a few apps. The SmartPoint, SmartLife, and Brookstone apps are just rebrands of each other, some icons are different, but the overall layout, functionality, and bugs are the same, and the lag isn’t the wifi, it just doesn’t handle command queuing very well. even moderate repeat volume presses end up not only getting missed, but also tend to make it ignore you for a few seconds.

the Brookstone app even paired with the SmartPoint device without issue.

they are exactly the same. all 3 mentioned in this thread are the same rebranded hardware and software.