Broth of Cheese

Broth of Cheese

well that was easy :slight_smile:

Got one Thursday…but easily could have gotten this one

Couldn’t get one last week, got one today!!

may be the longest woot-off BOC I’ve seen besides the 15th birthday BOCs. WoW

Glad the app told me there was a woot off

Got one! Now I won’t have to spend the rest of the day here. Whew. My lawn REALLY needs mowing.

Been in the VOP FOREVER! :frowning:

You ain’t seen VOP FOREVER yet :crazy_face: .


It just told me it was sold out - dang it!

wow… pulled up woot to see what the deals were and stumbled into a BOC. Even had to login through amazon and still got one.

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still in the VOP. is there a TIME limit?

I think I need to shake the sleep off. I saw the name and thought it was a gourmet wootoff. lol…then I thought BROTH of cheese? Holy shit, that is a bag of crap!

Too late, vestibule death.

HEY NOW!! We need you to buy things!


Remember our motto:

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Eh, the VOP should kick you out after a bit if it’s sold out. But if it gets lazy and forgets, drop out after about 5-7 minutes.

can everyone stop braging of getting one, i am still stuck in the VOP for 10+ min.

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True, never to late or early to be disappointed :frowning:

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got bounced:anguished:

Not to worry, the lawn is small and I’ll be back. And I spent lots at the $10 shirt deal AND the last event where I wasn’t even eligible.

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