Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine



Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine


Do I need online activation to use this machine?


The online activation card is not required to use this machine.


Is this system comparable to a Cricut machine?


So it appears you have to (a) register this with Brother (therefore connecting this machine to the outside internet) and then (b) use Brother’s “cloud based” software to send stuff to the machine.

No thanks!


It seems like that is only if you want to use their software to edit designs? It claims to be able to be used out of box, sans internet connection or even computer, for “basic” functions. :thinking:


Full disclosure of bias: I am in the process of justifying clicking the submit order button :wink:




…already dun dun dun :money_with_wings:


Didn’t know I wanted this, watched a few videos and in the cart it goes.


Has anyone that ordered received yet? Was going to use as an Xmas gift. And it shows it was picked up by shipping partner on the 19th but no tracking after that. I’m a bit worried.


I just checked my tracking, and it claims mine was delivered to my condo after I left this morning.


Opened the present on Christmas, just now got to setting it up. No Activation Card included in the package! What are next steps?


Per the features:

  • Free cloud-based web application for editing and designing cut data (visit the official website for more information.)

I found this mentioned in the manual (linked in the features):

Did you register there? That would be a good start.


You will have to use a direct USB connection, or a USB drive to move files from your computer to the machine to cut/draw. Unfortunately, Brother decided you need to purchase a separate card to essentially unlock a feature that’s built into the machine you already own.

The card is available for purchase, it set me back $40. No digital delivery of the card, so had to wait another couple days to unlock the “free” cloud based transfer.

Drawbacks aside, it really is a good machine. Just a shame Brother decided to milk customers for features the machine already had built in.


I did register there. All the documentation refers to free access to the canvas workspace using the INCLUDED special card with a code on it to register. All doc was there EXCEPT for the aforementioned card. If this was an oversight, no worries–but I would like the card. If it wasn’t it sure should have been in the description of the product to know I had to shuck out another $40 for something that was supposed to come with the original product.


Can you tell me the best PC software to generate files in the proper format?