Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine

Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine

So confused - this thing allows me to edit and upload to it, or it requires me to buy some sort of optional WLAN card? Wha…? I hate stuff like this instantly. Make it simple. “hey you can buy this thing and then use it in all ways you can imagine” makes sense. The second you say “you can use it for some things, may require in app purchases” you’ve lost me.

#1"The Brother CM350 ScanNCut2 provides users with the flexibility of connecting wirelessly or directly to a PC and scanning images directly to the system" You can connect directly!
#2"The Brother CM350 home and hobby cutting machine does not require cartridges, dyes, or monthly subscriptions and includes multiple built-in features that simplify the process. " You can do it easily without fees!
#3"The ScanNCut online feature allows you to connect wirelessly to transfer cut data to and from the ScanNCut2 machine via ScanNCutCanvas. (An optional WLAN activation card is required to access this feature). " You can’t actually do it without some weird activation card and fees.

You guys see a problem with #3 in light of #1 and #2?

#1 is a bit misleading. From what I have read, you don’t need to buy the $50 wireless activation card. You only need it if you want wireless connection since the machine has a USB slot. So very tempted by this one, but I already have 3 different electronic die cutters.

Bought one on the last sale. Personally I have not used it, but it must not be too confusing. My 17yo daughter has made several of those giant paper flowers and also cut vinyl to heat press a shirt. She said it was really easy. She watched 3 YouTube videos to learn it. We did not buy the card. Just used the USB.