Brother Compact Multifunction Laser Printer

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Brother Wireless Compact Multifunction Laser Printer
Price: $82.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Jan 11 to Monday, Jan 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Per Brother’s Web site, this is NOT a wireless printer. USB 2.0 only.

Checking! Thank you!

UPDATE: You are correct. We had the wrong title on there. Sorry about the confusion. It’s all updated now.

how is this wireless ? explain it to me Woot ! Don’t put false spec to mislead people of purchasing.

Other than this, it’s still a good printer, but nowadays people use phones and tablets, so wireless printing is a must.

Per my post below, we corrected the error in the sale. Apologies for the confusion.

Not that great of a deal, we paid just $20 more for the new (not refurbished) wireless version of this printer about a year ago. Solid laser printer that hasn’t given us any trouble at all, heck we’re still on the stock toner that came with it! You can print so much more on these than the ink jets!!!

I picked up a Brother [printer only] unit a couple of years back that has worked well, even with “non-OEM” toner cartridges. It was wireless, and it did work that way, but it was easier to just plug in a USB cable, especially with a new PC or some laptop used infrequently than setting up a wireless link.

So I wouldn’t worry about no wireless and certainly not worry about USB 2.0 vs 3.0 if you just knocking out a document.

Can’t comment on the price or how well it scans. My first laser printer cost $1,500.

It would be cool if this thing is wireless

Good info! I have the wireless version I purchased a few years ago and have never set the wireless part up. I just purchased a new computer, thought I might set the wireless function up and got out the instructions a few days ago, but I have been putting it off (looked a little daunting). Now I will probably just keep using the “plug it in when I need it” method. I do not need the hassle.

One less thing to go wrong or complicate your life.

ON theSpec page this shows to have 2 Drums and 2 toner cartriges listed… That’s listed as “In The Box”… If it’s true That’s cool… If not… Might want to update the sale ad…

I have had 2 brother Laser printers and LOVE both of them. Moved up from a normal to wireless and air print model, and gave the old one to my uncle… So far the most cost effective, cheapest to own/operate printers I or anyone I know has had.

If Wireless is your need this is NOT the printer for you… It’s an OK price but You will pay close to the complete price of the printer for a replacement High capacity Toner cartridge after you use up the 700 page one that it comes with.

EPSON is a better printer!

I confirmed with the vendor that all the items listed “In the Box” will be included.

I have an older version of this laser printer from Brother (the HL-2280DW) which looks identical except for a few buttons on the control panel - love it! It’s nice to finally see the price of laser printers come down to a reasonable level because they blow away ink-jets for anything not in color. For the rare time I need a photo or other color image printed, I can get it done cheaply via Staples or Walgreens - and I can upload them online to pick up the prints at my leisure.

As for cost of operation, a typical aftermarket toner cartridge for this printer costs just what a replacement black ink tank did for my last printer but will give me 2500 pages versus the approx. 100 pages for the ink-jet. Plus I now never have to worry about the ink drying up even if I didn’t use it all.

For anyone worried about what comes in the box, the OEM toner cartridges supplied with these printers are starter cartridges and will only do approx. 700 pages, while one you buy from elsewhere (generic or name-brand) will do 3-4 times that amount.

As for connectivity, Brother had an overly-complex wireless connection for the earlier version of this printer. I instead chose to connect my printer directly to my wireless router via an ethernet cable which was much easier and allowed all the computers in my house to use this printer just by being on the network. That is the connection method I most strongly recommend.

Finally, the general Fax and Scan program the comes with Windows works with this printer without a problem. In fact, if you have a phone line connected to your PC, this program will allow you to send a fax from this printer (albeit one page at a time).

Lots of good info here today on why I should keep on using my printer corded, and not wireless.

Thx all!

The description still mentions “Standard Network Features Print and Copy” however there is no indication that this printer has ANY network port at all. Only listed interface from Brother is USB.

I received this printer in the mail last Friday. Its 3 days old as of today. I constantly print at home and needed a better printer. The first day of using it I had issues. 3 days later I still have the same issue. Printer says no paper, when there is paper. Printer smells burnt when printing. I have already contacted the manufacturer, hopefully they will provide assistance.