Brother Digital Color Printer with Wireless

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Brother Digital Color Printer with Wireless
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Almost bought until I noticed that the last update was 2014.

Excellent printer. I’ve been using it for the last 3 months. Only complaint is the manual feed, it’s single sheet only and little tricky to load. Wireless option lets me print from my phone, which is cool.

You can do that with any networked printer. I think I’d rather a refurb Samsung. CLP series is solid.

I’ve managed to run envelopes through the tray. They get a little wrinkled, but I’m ok with that.

My issue is they didn’t reset the page count on mine. I’ve had it for two years and reset the toner on each color at least once and still seem to have plenty left, even though it said the toner was low.

I don’t have this brand, but the starter toner that came with mine said it was low in August, and it’s still putting out quality prints. I have a new cartridge ready but, if it ain’t broke…

Bought on recently… good printer if you are an I.T. expert. Very difficult setup and so far they don’t respond to support questions.
—Don’t buy-- find another mfr.

I have this one and it’s a fine printer. I don’t use it too much, but when I need color it’s good and fast. I think the reds are a bit brownish compared to the inkjets, but I’m not producing high art. I am an IT guy but didn’t need to be to get this set up, that was easy. I can’t talk about support because I didn’t need it.

I have a Brother (printer), not this one, and it is the best printer I have ever owned. One suggestion I will make to not just buyers of this, but all printer owners: Check, and search your model + toner reset. Printers want you to think you need ink when you really don’t. I’ve gotten 2.5 “low ink” cycles out of a high capacity cartridge before they ran dry.

Example for this model:

Brother HL-3140CW – Reset Toner Cartridge
The Brother HL-3140CW has a process to manually override the “Toner Empty” message, and reset the toner cartridges.
[]Ensure the printer is switched on.
]Open the printer lid to reveal the toner cartridges.
[]Press the “secure” and “cancel” buttons together.
]The LCD should display a new menu.
[]Use the up and down keys to select the cartridge you wish to reset.[list]
]K = Black
[]C = Cyan
]M = Magenta
[]Y = Yellow
]STD = Standard Capacity Cartridge
[]HC = High Capacity Cartridge
]SHC = Super High Capacity Cartridge.[/list]
[]Press the “OK” button and then the up arrow to confirm.
]Close the printer lid.

I own two of the duplex versions of this printer (HL-3170CDW), and paid just a little more than this refurb price for new ones (with duplex). With ~10,000 pages printed between the two of them over 4 years, here are my observations:

  • Networking can be a challenge if you don’t complete the setup. Let’s say you are using wired Ethernet and you want a static IP address (generally a good idea when the computers on your network are come-and-go as mine are, that’s my opinion however), and you don’t disable the wireless adapter, you can suddenly find your printer connected to wi-fi with a different IP. Yes, I know this is a niche case, but they did not think this through and disable one when you enable the other interface.
  • Consumables. I have had decent luck refilling the Starter and standard cartridges, though you MUST use a respirator, as the toner is so fine it flows like liquid. I have also used 3rd-party cartridges with decent results (I am not going for Pantone matching). The drums are another story - when one needs cleaning (and it will eventually), just replace it. Same with my other Brother laser printers (I own 3 B/W Brothers). There’s one drum per color / black, total of 4 in the system. My guess is that this refurb has used drums with new Starter toner cartridges in them.
  • Resetting the page counters is NOT intuitive nor easy to do the first try. Yet you MUST do this if you want to eke out the last 20% or so of toner when the machine says it’s out (it just stops printing when it thinks it’s out, wasting money).
  • Manual feed is more bother than it is worth for more than a page or two. Envelopes are not a good result in my experience.
  • It’s big and heavy and solid. Find a good place to set it up but don’t expect to easily move it.
  • The display on the top is the worst part of this design. You need to have this thing at a desk level or lower if you want to be able to easily see the screen to change settings or reset counters.

If you need to print just a few pages in color from time to time, perhaps the few $$ savings would be worth it on this refurb, but I’d go for new if it was me.


I have this printer as well, and agree. I found it easy to set up (wired only, but accessible by wireless device through my wifi router). Very fast for color prints. Reliable. Rarely jams. Consumables (3rd-party) are very inexpensive.

Here I am reviewing your review:

Why do you feel that review was garbage. :slight_smile:

I have one of these. It was easy to connect (perhaps working in IT over a decade ago makes me an “expert”) and has worked well. I printed something on index cards using the manual feed, and I could put several in at a time without it getting too jammed, and printed several of them slightly crooked.

Does this printer come with ink?

Yes, it comes with starter cartridges.

Any idea if the drums are new or used? The toner cartridges are separate from the drums.