Brother Digital Color Wireless Printer - HL-3140CDW

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Brother Digital Color Wireless Printer - HL-3170CDW
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at the Product Page

I would have been tempted to upgrade from my B&W Brother laser, as 3rd party toners for Brother are quite reasonably priced, but the price is not significantly less than a new printer via Amazon, at least not enough lower to justify buying a refurb.

I’ve had this exact printer for about a year now, after upgrading from a black-and-white basic Brother. Love this thing to death. Great quality, never jams, and works great both with my wired computers and printing wirelessly from MacBooks and iOS devices. Never going back to inkjet again.

Looks like the reviews primarily complain about low graphics quality, even for a LED/Laser printer. Black and white copies seem expensive as well, with PC World quoting 2.8 cents per page black and 15 cents per page full color, and even getting it that low requires buying high capacity toner.

It would probably be find if you don’t do much printing, but otherwise I’d hold off.

I think I’ll have to pass for now.

This is quite a good price on a very solid printer. I have one of these that gets used for Boy Scout youth leadership training courses all summer, so we put thousands of pages through it each year.

The toner cartridges (including the Starter ones that come with this refurb and new printers) can be refilled if you are willing to work at it. Instead of a set of toner costing the same as a new printer, you can refill a set for $70 or so. It takes work to refill them.

You’ll also need to replace the drums periodically and a set of 4 drums cost the same as this refurbished printer, which I would hope comes with new drums.

The other consumables include a transfer belt ($90) and a waste toner box ($ varies between $30 and $100), but those should be very rarely needed.

This price is $60 less than a new one on Amazon, or about 2/3 that price. Depending on your definition of “significantly”, this could be a decent price.

Is that only me recognizing pictured as HL-3140CW model instead of HL-3170CDW? The biggest difference between two is lack of Duplex mode for the HL-3140CW model. The announced HL-3170CDW has black finish instead of dark gray area on pictured. Woot! What exactly are you selling?

I’ve had one of these for over a year and a half now. It’s fast, does duplex well and reliable wireless.

It is NOT a “photo quality” printer, so the low quality graphics complaints are due to the printer doing photos in halftone, rather than continuous tone like a photo inkjet. It will print a decent photo to illustrate a report, newsletter, etc…

Owned one that I bought off of Amazon for $150 brand new on a sale from 2 years ago. The print quality is good for office presentation slides as well as any basic printing needs. However, if you’re looking for crisp photo quality results on photo paper, you will not be happy. Photo printing is mediocre.

This is a LED printer. The difference I have noticed between Laser and LED is that this unit compiles the data quite fast and prints at cool temperatures. Maybe the faster speed is due to the cooler operating temperature?

The only thing I would change is the paper capacity. Without knowing an exact amount, I’d say that the tray holds 100 sheets. Perfect for the home office or home computer needs. Not so much for any general business or office needs.

I’ve had the non-duplex version of this for a couple years and have to say it has been fantastic. Totally reliable and the printing is perfect. Not so good with photos however but documents with color or B&W are perfect.

I swear I saw a Square Trade widget on this earlier for about $12 for a two year warranty.

Woot, these printers had a problem with the fuser roller where it would break apart and red pieces would come out all over. Have the rollers been replaced in these?

I bought this printer off Amazon earlier this year. It works great, recommended it to family and friends.

Only issue I’ve had is it seems to loose connectivity with Google Cloud Print, but that could be something with my network setup.

WOOT, what ARE you selling?? Your description says this has auto duplex printing. I bought one. Now I read it is manual duplex, not auto?? There IS a mistake in the listing, either the model or description, and probably picture.

This printer does NOT come with Ethernet as described. If you look at the pictures it’s not there, nor is it on Brother’s website description.

Here’s the Brother Item Description Page for the HL-3140CW that does not mention duplex printing and lists a top speed of 19 ppm.

HL3140CW image is correct :slight_smile: We confirmed with vendor.

Square Trade option is up and running now. Thanks for pointing out it’s disappearance.

As for the rollers, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to find out info that specific about the reconditioning process for this printer. Sorry. :frowning:

Standard Interface:
Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB 2.0

I don’t see the Ethernet connection.