Brother Digital Color Wireless Printer - HL3140CW

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Brother Digital Color Wireless Printer - HL3140CW
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Aug 04 to Monday, Aug 07) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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specs section seem to be taken from the 3170CDW model instead of 3140CW model. 23ppm vs 19ppm.

No auto duplex function just FYI. Also appears to be $50 off the new price, so not bad.

The question is how much are the consumables?

I have this printer, been using it for a few years now. It’s a great printer. I can’t recommend it enough.

Manuals can be found at

I purchased this model about a month ago, not from Woot, thru Brother. Prints nice but a real pita to get Googleprint & wireless to work. Still cannot make it work well. Display is worthless…difficult to work thru menu’s.

Bought this model when it first came out, so a year+ old and haven’t had a problem. Just bought the newer model for my mother and wish I would have known about this sale 2 weeks ago, LOL…definitely a solid laser printer.

I bought this model last year when Woot had refurbs. Last time they had the complete description of the wrong printer, not just the specs. Either way, awesome printer for the price. I would not consider it a photo printer. It does fair, but leaves horizontal streaks visible on close inspection and the colors of photos are a little washed. Great for color printing of handouts and presentations though. I have not had to replace the toner that came with it yet. I would expect a full set to cost almost as much as the printer, but it is still pennies per page compared to inkjet printers.

Only consistent problem I have had is that some documents do not like to AirPrint from my iPhone. Word documents I had to download the word app and print from inside the app.

I own this printer, and price of consumables varies greatly by supplier. What I have found is Precision Roller provides toner refills for about $18 per cartridge. Love the printer for school projects.

if one of the color toner is out will it still print if black toner is good? I’ve had printers in past that wont print if one of four is out.

This printer gets mad when it perceives the toner is out, based on number of pages printed and not the weight of the cartridge. Look on YouTube for a button-press sequence to reset the toner warnings, shake that cartridge, and print until you can’t print no mores.

You can change to print in b/w from most software print setup menus, including the iPhone AirPrint interface.

(Note: This is in reference to the older model Brother HL3075CW and if the HL3140CW is anything like mine, it’s the best printer I’ve ever owned.)

Buying Brother brand is still pricey, but I found a couple brand of generic cartridges that have very high reviews and are very inexpensive. (Is “mothership” what we call the big A? Because that’s where I got them.)

Though I haven’t actually used the replacement cartridges yet because I’m still working on the cartridges and drum head that came with it. I’ve had my HL3075CW for five years now. Use has been mostly document printing, printing screenshots, and printing from the web. I printed out a lot of journal articles during both my capstones. Some months I use it a lot, some I don’t.

The cartridges that came with it actually “ran out” the second year, but it was an artificial limit and all I had to do was reset the counter and shake them up to keep going.

Again, if the HL3140CW is anything like my older model HL3075CW, it’s fantastic.

I second this. The amount of mileage you can get out of the cartridges by doing that is insane.

I received my printer a few days ago, just got around to installing it this evening. It’s stuck in a loop at startup telling me to slide the corona wire cleaners back and forth. (all four colors) All the online help just tell me to slide the cleaner back and forth but it’s not working for any of them, the corona generator in the printer is probably dead or I missed some packing materials maybe.

Spent some time on the phone with Brother tech support. (1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437) Available Monday -Friday 9AM – 9PM EST) Their support is pretty good and I’m thankful I got to talk to someone (that speaks good english!) rather than submit a ticket.

Apparently the printer is bad and they’re going to send me a new one and a prepaid return label. (I keep the toners, drum carriers, waste container, transport roller) They did require a credit card to insure the return of the defective printer. It did take a while to do the return, I had to read off long serial numbers from all the consumables/ replaceables in the printer. The rep never needed me to repeat anything which was nice.

This is MUCH better results than my last Woot DOA. I bought one of the big car chargers recently and it arrived with smashed cable brackets and loose stuff inside due to laughably poor packaging (especially for such a heavy item) and no double boxing. That one I had to return directly to Woot, and they had no more so I just got a refund. Problem being at the time I really needed the charger. At least this time I will end up with the deal I pulled the trigger on.

Update: they called back a day later to inform me that “senior technicians had reviewed and rejected my return” and have changed it to a drum replacement. Apparently they’re going to send me a set of four new drums instead of a new printer, to see if that works, and if that doesn’t fix it then they will approve sending me a new printer. I tried to reason with them on the odds of all four drums being DOA vs the printer being bad but they wouldn’t listen. Good thing I’m not in a big hurry to make any color printouts!

Update 2: I received my drum set recently and just got it swapped last night. I wasn’t very optimistic about it helping, but it seems to have worked! My printer is kicking out great copies now and has more accurate color than my monitor. I guess their senior techs are familiar with this issue and made a good call.