Brother RXR1355 130-Stitch Sewing & Quilting Machine

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Brother RXR1355 130-Stitch Sewing & Quilting Machine
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Apr 03 to Friday, Apr 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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What are the anticipated shipping and delivery dates for this deal?

According to today’s sale:
“In Stock. Ships in 1-2 business days”

This seems very similar, how does this compare to the Brother HC1850?

I don’t have anything useful to add, but I LOVE the Bernhoft reference in the description. Made my day. :slight_smile:

I just went to Amazon to see what they are charging for it new and it is listed at $33,333 so this refurbished one is quite the deal.

Is this machine 110 / 220 volt 50/60 cycle? I see you have instructions for use in the UK.

I can’t find a review of this model anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction.

The model number is actually XR1355. It is at costco for $134.99 (new, not refurb)here :™-XR1355-Computerized-130-Stitch-Sewing-%2526-Quilting-Machine-.product.100039845.html

Reviews are on costco’s site and on Amazon’s here:

Overall the machine is very good but does not have a locking pedal and many parts are plastic, resulting in some higher than normal vibration.

it is listed at 180.99 on amazon so that’s a pretty good deal, and if you have a Costco, its 134.99, but I don’t belong to Costco so…
My concerned is that it is refurbished. I don’t mind some things refurbished but sewing machines can be temperamental.

Did you see the note on the sale?

Special Note: When you purchase authorized refurbished Brother products, you can be confident that you are receiving a quality, genuine Brother product. Each unit is carefully refurbished and undergoes a stringent quality control process to ensure optimal performance prior to being sold as a refurbished model. In fact, authorized refurbished Brother products include the same limited warranty as new Brother products. Plus, you’ll receive phone support for the life of your product.

I bought this at Costco over Xmas when they had a sale on them. I like it pretty well. I do both sewing and quilting on it. The only complaint (and this is minor) is that there seems to be a short lag between pushing the pedal and the sewing action, then it goes quickly to catch up. This is a small issue, mostly my own. I’m not used to a computerized machine. I’ve tried the embroidery function just to play around. It’s not like you’d get from a professional machine/business, but it looks nice to personalize small gifts or to do decorative stitching. Overall, I’d buy it again.

How difficult is set up for winding a bobbin?

While I don’t have this exact machine, I do have another Brother sewing machine that has a similar bobbin setup. I found the bobbin winding setup to be very good, in fact I like it better than my old Singer machine. Hope this helps.

Would this be a suitable machine for sewing heavier materials? For example I’m looking to attach some nylon straps (.07"-.08")to a nylon tarp. Could this machine handle that thickness?

Evidently it was a “wonderful” review…but in fact not a review at all they only purchased it they had yet to use it and tell us how they liked it.

Do you think this would be a suitable machine for sewing heavier materials? For example I’m looking to attach some nylon straps (.07"-.08") to a nylon tarp. Would this machine handle that thickness? Thanks!

I owned my own business and made EMS, and Police Equiptment for years. They were made for the most part from Nylon fabric, and webbing as you are listing. I had these items made at a factory, but did all the pattern work, and design samples myself. I used a heavy duty industrial machine with a walking foot. A walking foot machine has a two part “foot” which never leaves the fabric without contact with the foot. The thread, and needles are much heavier than this home machine. I doubt that you would get far sewing tarp and webbing with it.