Brother RXR1355 130-Stitch Sewing & Quilting Machine

Reviews are on costco’s site and on Amazon’s here:

Overall the machine is very good but does not have a locking pedal and many parts are plastic, resulting in some higher than normal vibration.

The very LAST Brother I bought also had plastic parts, including GEARS, that wore out or broke within ONE year of purchase (new). Brother’s response was “sorry!” Buy at your own risk, or just donate the price to your favorite charity. You get the same benefit (actually, charity feels better!)

I would say it depends on how often you were sewing that combination. If you were planning on doing only that, then I would suggest an industrial machine as ssports has mentioned. If you were planning on doing that one project, then using it for other things like sewing garments or quilting, then it should serve your purpose. It is definitely not made for heavy duty sewing - it is an introductory machine.

Unfortunately plastic parts are the norm in sewing machines, now. If you want to spend over $1000 on a Bernina/Husqvarna machine, you will get metal parts.

That’s what I figured. Thanks much for your feedback!

Yeah, I don’t know how well this would work with heavy-duty materials. My guess is not great.

Did I read that right - 25 year warranty on a Refurb? That has to be a Woot record. (Strangely has Brother Warranty but is not ‘Factory Recertified’?)

There must be some serious ‘limits’ in that warranty.

We have the XR 1300, which looks identical, also has 130 stitches and for which we paid the typical on sale at Costco price of $134 a year ago.

Looking at our box, it is a 25 year Parts warranty. After labor and shipping to the repair center it might be a throw away. Something tells me they will refuse to send you the parts to install yourself. :wink:

We do like the machine. As with our Brother MFP laser printer, it just plain works great.

It is more about the needle than the machine itself. As long as you get a heavy duty needle, you should be fine.

I haven’t bought a refurbished item from woot, but I have purchased several items refurbished…sewing machine, nook, a few other higher end products and no problems. It does void the original warranty but for the deal, it’s usually worth it.