Browne Family Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

Can’t find much about this wine. Any first hand experience out there? comments from the winery?

What year is this vintage??


Since mine already came, a friend and I drank one:

It was nice. Decent tannins that left after about 10 in the glass (poured with an aerator though). Some nice red fruit upfront and some pleasant bell pepper flavors. Not a terribly long leave but what was there was pleasant. I’m not sure I would order another pair right now but I will cellar the second for a couple years and look forward to it. Kinda wish I’d taken notes, as since the two of us finished it, my memory isn’t all THAT great of the night. But it was good enough for the two of us to finish, so that’s saying something…

A little too much vanilla would be my only real negative, and a little thin (but not in a bad way). I’d say it’s worth the deal price for sure.