Browning Camping 5795011 Big Horn Tent

I have the smaller version of this tent, the glacier. It’s a tank! Amazing tent. We have a friend with a large family who owns the big horn tent. Seeing it in person is the reason we bought ours. Large heavy duty zippers, thick fabric and sturdy metal poles. This tent would be great for extended camping, long hunting trips in the mountains, or anyone that just wants a tent that will hold up. We were tired of the junk mega mart tents that we would get a season or two out of. We do a lot of camping so made the investment. No regrets. The only con is that this sucker is heavy and so big you will have trouble putting it up by yourself. Otherwise excellent tent.

Do it come with the rain fly?
The specs do not mention that.

It’s included:

75D 185T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut