Bruce Springsteen Box Set


ewwww. for the east coasters who enjoy this clowns music.

Father’s Day.

Wow, you see this more than you do Vornado.

Well, this is a great deal! Too bad I bought all of them long ago and paid full price.


Bruce Juice

Someone please buy these so they don’t end up in the bags.

I got one last time I got a bag and it’s still in it’s plastic, I have no use for one.

I got this in my third BOC!

people still buy music?


Not even with a $5 rebate would I pounce on this.

Hello Melon. Make it to work?

with all the woots on this it appears that most wooters feel the same as I do. Springsteen sucks

This is one Boss of a deal.

You couldn’t pay me $7.99 to listen to that talentless creep.

Could be worse I suppose…Could be New Kids On the Block Box Set…

Nebraska is all over this thing.

Somewhere Bono is laughing