Bruce Springsteen Music Collection

that was quick

Well… my Wootalyzer doesn’t seem to know which end is up.

wow that sold out fast

Christ that went fast.

Whoa. I refreshed 10x, and when it finally changed from the Label Maker this one was already sold out. Sadness.

they had 1?

they’re not booing… they’re saying “Dave…Dave”

I never even saw it. I kept refreshing the page and it said the label maker was sold out and then i refresh and boom bruce is there but it’s sold out i’m like What!!! how did that happen so fast!

What’d they have? One?


It’s almost like they never actually had any to sell…

More stinky pollution from New Jersey. At least it went fast. Both of his fans must have bought one.

Springsteen is a talentless has-been.

I can just hear someone saying - hey that’s not for wootoff, it’s mine (with evil co-worker laughter in the background).

My firefox alerter told me it was here; I clicked on the “Want one!” button and got redirected back to the previous label maker, and by the time Brucie came back they’d sold out.

Oh well, that was gonna be a friend’s Christmas present! I’ll have to her something else :slight_smile:

Seems like this wasn’t actually posted at all, rather that it was posted by mistake and immediately yanked. There’s no sales information or product description.

Wow. I think you should lose one of your “Quality Posts” for that post.

not a bad set