Brunch of Champions

At least half my day is complete now. On to the ‘LE’ challenge!!


Got it! First one in almost a year for me.


Duplicate orders will be canceled.

I know. But it still calls to me.

I am not clicking, but really want to.

still going?

Finally!! It’s amazing what happens when you have the correct credit card information on your account :slight_smile:

Do it and report back :wink:

This is a lie… I’m not going back to homework lol!

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YES!! It’s been years but I finally scored (giggity)

Yea I had the buy now button but already scored a digital one earlier… never seen that button on a boc before it was a beautiful sight

this one must be a lot!

doubt I will get out of the VOP

Achievement unlocked

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One down, LE to go

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I shall not risk the wrath of @ThunderThighs

VOP for like the 4th time today ARGH!

I’ve been refreshing all day long. Finally got one.

wait wait wait i think i did in the vop

Show off the stuff you bought

Brunch of Champions


Phew! Now I can get a little work done

same here!

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