BSA Binocular & Flashlight Bundle

Check out this quick clip on the binoculars [youtube=rMoZgyJI1hM][/youtube]

Here is the Binoculars for $95.99 by themselves.

BSA Optics Website:

$139 For Just The Binoculars.

BSA as in Birmingham Small Arms (Guns + Motorcycles)?

Looks like their logo… It’s sure not Boy Scouts of America.

What size batteries does the flashlight use?

From the specs tab:
2 CR123A

those are the funky ones.

one 18650 can sometimes be used in place of two 123As, but I dunno about this light.

The flashlight sure had me doing a double take!

But the binoculars did not.

…huh? What’s the connection between those and the ones being sold?