BSA Optics

Does the BSA Optics T4X30WRCP come in a box or a blister pack, I didn’t get a reply last time, so I didn’t buy one. Its an important question as there are 2 models (yes with the same model number wtg bsa!)

Looked at this on amazon. If you read the reviews, a guy brings up this issue. According to him, the “better” version has locking knobs (as this one says it does). I’m thinking I’ll give it a try.

Would be nice to have some confirmation since we can’t just return it if it’s the wrong one… I’m guessing this will go unanswered like the last time.

$10 cheaper with a listed lifetime warranty and 30 day MBG. I believe these are the same scope…

I picked up the Sweet 22 3-9x40 with interchangeable elevation knobs last week from Woot and it came packed in a blister pack.
The quality of this BSA scope does not come close to the Nikon I run on my 10/22 but this was half the price will do for what I’m using it for.
It’s not “bad” quality but the optics are not as clear and the eye relief is lousy in comparison.
Seems on par with other scopes in this price range

[mod note: buyer confirms these will come in blister packs]

Received mine yesterday.
The newest edition to the Stealth Tactical™ family comes the ultimate in illuminated red dot sights. The STSRGBD20LL Illuminated Sight is a compact yet powerful sight equipped with a laser and light. It has a 5 MOA dot and a multiple position rheostat for brightness control.

Multi-Purpose Twist Cap Technology
5/8" Weaver Style Rail
Illuminiated Red/Green/Blue Dot

It is only a red dot, not the red, green or blue as stated in description, the model I received (STSRD30LL) was not the model number in the description; the STSRGBD20LL (item description on Woot) sells for ten dollars more @BSA and has superior reviews. First bad Woot experience.

Fwiw, I bought the BSA Optics T4X30WRCP it was blister packed (boo)

Without putting this on a rifle, my only issue is that the scope knob screws (3 of them around the dial) are wonky. If you put the provided allen wrench into the screw it sits angled and the wrench doesn’t appear to fit properly.

If the scope is like the screws at best this would be for airsoft or pellet rifles (i’m guessing since it shipped from Gamo Outdoors its for pellet rifles)

I hope this helps other people to decide to buy or not.