BSA Optics

Does the T4X30WRCP come in a box or a blister pack? There are apparently two versions of the same scope, BSA makes no note of this, but the packaging tells the story.

The BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40 scope is $10 cheaper all day every day as Sportsman’s Guide. $15 cheaper if you’re a member of their buyer’s club. That’s a pretty substantial discount even over this Woot “sale”.

Can you link? The only one I’m finding is for about $140.

Would it be suitable for a .177-caliber Break Barrel airgun?

I did a search and came up with a few for $46 with free ship. (Walmart, etc.)

I found it to be $10 cheaper on Amazon as well (plus shipping) but when I looked at it further, there appear to be two versions.
The basic Sweet 22 is around $50. The Sweet 22 with the multi-grain turrets however seems to get around $100.

I know nothing about this brand and have been very happy with the Nikon Prostaff on my 10/22 but I paid much more for that. This gets good reviews for what it is and the price seems fair too. Tempted to pick one up…

I ordered the Sweet 17 over 24 hours ago successfully… Card charged and everything.

Today I got a note saying that woot doesn’t have it and wants to refund my money.

That is unacceptable. I fail to believe that this is a problem with overselling a product. You know how many you have and I was promised one.

Woot is about to lose a LONG time wooter and advocate with over 100 purchases if they don’t make this one right. (and no, your $5 SOULDOUBT voucher is not making it right)

if you want it fast the MDX39x40 is 67.08 on amazon with prime, that’s a whole 2.07 more expensive and two day shipping…plus you can buy it on amazon smile and money goes to charity…

Well, now in what I can only assume is an act of retaliation, woot has now canceled both of the scopes I bought…

This is complete garbage woot, totally disappointed in you.