BSN HyperFX - 30 Servings (2 Flavors)

**Item: **BSN HyperFX - 30 Servings (2 Flavors)
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6/15/2013 - $14.99 - 20 comment(s)

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Not a huge fan of pre-workout supps at all - and I love this stuff. Particularly the grape flavor. In general I like BSN products - Syntha-6 is my go-to protein powder…

It’s effervescent - be sure to let most of the bubblies subside before you go to drink or you’ll inhale a nose full of fizz.

I’d also not recommend taking this within 5 or 6 hours of desired sleep. The energy is pretty “jitter free” but it definitely gets me wired (disclaimer - I generally have a cup of coffee not too long before my dose of this stuff)

bought this last week, the watermelon flavor.

Taste 8/10
Dissolve-ability 9/10

Didn’t really notice much with one scoop. I’ll try 2 next time.

Great value though.

how does this compare to NO xplode? thats what im currently using and i like it. this seems like a good deal though.

I bought the watermelon flavor when it was $14.99. Bottom line, the stuff works. The flavor is so-so and it mixes pretty well. It starts bubbling a little like Alka-Seltzer so make sure your water bottle is not completely full or else it will spill over. For the price, I think it’s a good deal.

in for 1. sounds like a different product than no xplode, but for the price im willing to give it a shot. thanks woot! keep the supplements comin! |||—|||

Forgot to mention - you will get the beta-alinine pricklies from this stuff. Not a big deal, but unusual unless you’re expecting it…

9/10 on mixability? I put like 6oz water in a shaker cup and merely swirl it and it dissolves completely - you must have water like concrete…